Allegations of Rape and abuse against minors surface in police department Print E-mail
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Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

The Police Professional Standards Branch is investigating two separate and unsettling allegations of deviant sexual behavior by officers from the Stann Creek District. Cops from Placencia are being accused of forcing young boys to take nude pictures, while officers from Independence are being accused of gang raping 2 female detainees.

According to reports, several young boys, who are all a part of the cadet program on the peninsula, went out with officers on a camping trip over the weekend. It has not been specified to the press if the incident happened on Saturday, November 11, or on Sunday, November 12. Multiple boys have reported to police that on this camping trip, the officers from the Community Policing Unit forced them to take off their clothes. The cops allegedly then forced them to take nude pictures. The boys have also reported that the officers forced them to pay for water and bathroom use, which was supposed to be provided for free.

Investigators from the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) have been tasked to investigate the very serious allegation, and they are working to finish up their report.

The PSB is also investigating an accusation coming out of the Independence Police Station that 3 officers allegedly raped 2 women who were in police custody.

This incident reportedly happened on Friday night, November 10. The version of events are that these women, a Belizean and a Salvadoran, were escorted off a bus to the Independence Police Station, where they were told that they would be strip searched for drugs.

That allegedly did not happen, but instead, the women have reported that 3 male officers, of different ranks, allegedly gang raped them both. Police refused to make any specific comments, and chose only to confirm that they are investigating the case.