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Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

In 2012 The Government of Belize (GOB) decided to form a public company to act as an agent of the GOB to undertake the design, construction and management of capital projects in Belize. At that time particular emphasis was placed on sporting and other multipurpose facilities in order to find an efficient conduit to undertake the largest of sporting projects, the rebuilding of the Belize City Center. A key driving force behind the GOB’s action was to also ensure that each municipality received at least one proper, functioning sporting or multipurpose facility to serve the needs of the community for sport and recreational activities. The company established was Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL). Its mandate would be to act as the executing agency with the overall responsibility to bring each project to fruition, from start to finish. The company officially got underway in late 2013 and now in its 4th year in operation, the first phase of its mandate is complete.

BIL’s General Manager Christy Mastry told the Guardian that when the Civic Center is opened in the coming days it will mean that the construction phase of BIL would have been completed. That mandate included the investment of some 60 million dollars in sporting facilities. And while that is now the case, BIL will now move on to another aspect of its mandate which is the Lake Independence Masterplan which will see the completion of the Lake Independence Resource Center as well as the further development of 50 acres of land in the adjoining area. That will also see the construction of a new building to house the Ministry of Finance building as well as a national bus terminal and other commercial activities.

For the time being, BIL is concentrating in the finalizing of the management contract for the Belize Civic Center which will be a public-private sector partnership. Under this arrangement the government will stay in tune with all activities at the facility tracking the amount of money that is being made as well as how the facility is being used be it for sporting events or others. The contract will also see that the infrastructure is maintained as well as the equipment and insurance necessary. The primary objective would be that it generates enough finances to maintain itself and where there is a profit there is a profit sharing that goes back to GOB.

Mastry says that at a pure construction execution, BIL has delivered on its mandate within budget and with additional amenities to facilities. At this point in time the company is undergoing a learning experience on how the management of the facilities will take place. She states that what has been identified is that there are some weaknesses in government being able to maintain large scale capital projects in the country. The private sector involvement however will bring in a profit dynamic into the picture where the facilities will be run as a business to maintain standards as well as the facility itself in order to make revenue. Bringing in the private sector Mastry says leads to the sustainability of projects.

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