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Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

For some strange reason, during the past two weeks, we at this newspaper have been keeping our eyes on the PUP Municipal Campaign in the streets of Belize City. What we’ve seen so far, has not impressed us for not even a second. Their campaign appears, to be rather lackluster. It is devoid of any positive message, ideas or organization. The candidates and their campaigners appear not even to be working in uniformity. The only thing that they appear to be doing together is walking on the same streets. Otherwise than that they are not doing anything together.  Their on-the-ground campaign seem to be more of an enumeration rather than a campaign. All that they are doing is to ask who lives at the various homes and if they are registered to vote.  Some of their campaigners wasted no time in letting us know that they were only campaigning as a job because they know that the PUP has no chance of winning. There were even some of them who went as far as to tell us they won’t even be voting for the PUP.

We spoke to a few of them who told us that their job also includes calling into various talkshows and badmouthing the government. According to them, the way that is done is, that they are each given a SMART PHONE, which is then loaded with $70 worth of credit weekly. They are then sent text messages with the information on the topics that they are to call in about. Those persons told us that they feel like fish out of water when they are speaking on the various subjects,  since some of the talkshow host,who are not a part of the staged show, would quiz them and they would not know how to respond. So they would then quickly end the call and move on to another talkshow. According to them, even though making these calls and speaking about matters that they have no knowledge of makes them feel embarrassed,  they still call, because they know those cellphones are being monitored VIA SMART’S BILLING SYSTEM  and if there is no evidence that calls were made to the talkshows from the cellphones that they were given then they would not be paid.

Another thing we noticed is that many of the PUP CANDIDATES and AREA REPRESENTATIVES in the various constituencies are not involved and their GENERALS and KEYPEOPLE are not involved in the on the ground campaign either. We were told that many of those who are staying away from the campaign have said that they are not satisfied with how what they have dubbed as TEAM CORDEL was selected. They, we understood, are feeling disrespected because not only were none of their people included on the slate but they were not even consulted for their input. We understand that things, are the same in every municipality. The PUP appears confused and in shambles. They appear to be going nowhere, but further down into the POLITICAL GRAVEYARD.  We are almost sorry for them.How could a once so powerful political force be heading into such a demise? What we do know though is that the voters are not impressed with what the PUP has placed before them and they are waiting for March 7th to let them know.