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Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

Good night everyone, Protocol having been established I’d still like to acknowledge the deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Farber Belize’s youngest ever elected member of parliament when he was elected at the age of 24 and he is also Belize’s youngest ever deputy prime minister.

Minister of trade and commerce Tracey Taeger Panton, all those at the head table, Mayor Bradley, Ambassador Lu, Dr Singh, H.E. Tarun Butcher, Ambassadors, youth leaders, Miss McKenzie & Department of Youth Services, the US embassy, our CARICOM brothers and sisters, all those of you who traveled from different parts of the world to visit my wonderful Belize for the 2017 World Youth Conference, ladies and gentlemen welcome!

It is my distinct honor to present the 2017 World Youth Conference anthem!

When her excellency miss Butcher asked my office to sponsor the entertainment for this year’s World Youth Conference I did not hesitate. Investment in our young people is vital for the survival of this planet. The more we give to our future leaders today the better our tomorrow.

Our future will only be what you young leaders imagine it to be and you young leaders have the invincibility of youth that will propel us to a magnificent future.

If I can give you young leaders gathered here tonight one thing it would be the gift of dreaming! Don’t ever be afraid to dream! And when you Dream, dream big! Dream the dreams no one thinks are possible! I had a dream, my dream was Music. From the Mesopotamia community of Belize I dreamt of making music like Michael Jackson Lord Rhaburn and LL Cool J.

When I arrived in America I continued dreaming even though I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood that statistically had me destined for an early grave or a lifetime in jail.

Yet I worked hard, stayed disciplined, driven, determined and my dreams came true! I sold millions of albums, released music with some of the most successful musicians in the world and now I present to you 5 musicians who have dreamt and are still dreaming, who have been making incredible music for years and still want to touch the world outside of Belize with their song and a magical song it is.

I’ve been in the music business for 20 years and I’ve worked with Usher, Mariah Carey, Biggie Smalls, Popcaan, Vybz Cartel, Machel Montana and a host of others but I must say the World Youth Conference anthem is one of best songs I’ve ever produced.

Without further delay I present Tanya Carter, Bernadette Gilharry, TR Shine, C Wills and Supa G long with Josh Arana and Garifuna drummers and dancers!!!!!