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Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

At a meeting Robert told the committee that last week Tuesday he was taking a walk around town andnoticed two white-bearded old men sitting on the bulkhead of a new drain and sidewalk being constructed by the Orange Walk Town Council inpartnership with the owner of “The Wet Corner“Car Wash at the corner of Trinidad and Fonseca streets.  The two men were sharing the contents of a small green pint and would smack their lips and sigh contentedly after each long sip of the burning liquid.  Suddenly,a double cabbed pickup truck swerved into the corner and one of the men immediately pushed the bottle in one of his baggy pants pocket without bothering to cover it.  When the swerving vehicle levelled off the two rum soakers noticed that the insignia on the door did not bear the symbol or name of the Orange Walk Police, so they visibly relaxed but not after uttering a few curse words since some of their valued contents had spilled on the ground. Outdoor drinkers in Orange Walk Town are deadly scared of the police since if caught this would cost them an unbudgeted fine of plus cost of court. That is about 7 chaps of Extra Strong down the drain.

This time they were fortunate since the pickup belonged to the Town Council. “Frig”, one of them said, “it’s only the paparazzi”.  Before Robert could ask them what that meant several white shirts banged out of the vehicle with all models of cameras at the ready and furiously began taking snaps of the project.

Robert told us it reminded him of a quote he once read made by Indira Gandhi as she advised her granddaughter when the latter was running for political office in India. “My child”, said Gandhi” there are two groups of people in this world: those that do the work and those that take credit for work done”. “Try to belong to the first group, there is less competition there”.

The signature characteristic of the PUPin Orange WALK (in fact, nationally) is to hire all their campaigners at Town Hall when they win, creating titles and good wages to create a basket of potential contributors towards the next campaign. This present Council is the worst of them all. Sometimes they cannot even pay the real workers on time because of the large pool of office clowns upstairs.

Robert also said that the Auditor General is presently reviewing the books at the Orange Walk Town Hall. Some discrepancies have already been identified and one of the auditors told a councilor that when the audit is released, he does not want to hear about “political victimization”. “Black man lie and White man lie”, the auditor said, “but black and white no lie” the numbers will say only the truth.  Everyone will see what has been only rumors until now, that the Council is being pillaged by a select few who know how to cook the books and pay personal loans at the banks with public monies. Soon Phillip and his team will clean up the mess upstairs. The East is ready this time around to swing the election full Red. Come, March 7!!