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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

When she was told that the PEOPLE had no bread, her reply was:” Let them eat cake.”  Bread is flour, water, yeast and salt. A PEOPLE so poor as not to have the necessities for bread making will find it impossible to make the much more expensive cake! Well, King Louis XVI was put to death first and then Queen Marie Antoinette was guillotined. Repudiation by the PEOPLE! The Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Press and Church lead the PEOPLE; but sometimes the PEOPLE take things into their own hands- outside of peaceful elections! The French revolution of 1789 is the best example that I know of!

The residents of the Jewel are absolutely NOT happy with the flight of BILLIONS associated with Ralph and Said. We are angry at the loss of our dough, bread, notes, money… Similarly, Ashcroft gets us extremely angry and we are totally fed up with his instrument Eamon! Trombones steal notes! We are very unfortunate in Belize to have been burned over and over by members of the Trombone Family that does everything possible, to take away our Belizean notes. We rebel against that Family!

Woldrich, the first leader of the pro-British National Party, was commonly insulted as a ‘Royal Creole’ by Price’s PUP.  In fact they despised him and his arrogantly superior and disdainful attitude so much that they pelted his house with stones! However, when G. C. Price was facing charges for seditious intent and insulting words, he realized that having the intellectually superior Woldrich in his corner would serve legal as well as political purposes.  G. C. Price therefore used him as a pawn!  Professional fees, in this specific example, were the means to the end that Price was seeking!  When it comes to being sneaky, conniving and plain ‘wutliss’ none can beat Price!  The MAA was his attempt at cession and betrayal…

Vernon Trombone was terrible. His arrogance led him to attack honest, hardworking Civil Servants, whose only fault was ‘not recognizing his highness.’  He charged Taxpayers $3,340,000.00 for the ‘right’ to purchase shares!  During the long years of negotiation with the Guatemalans, it was Vernon who was endlessly pushing for land cession. He resigned from being a Minister to help Ajax company in its fight against the Jewel.  He is quoted as saying;” I am not white, but I am damn sure that I am not black.”

Jennifer Trombone lived and studied in Jamaica, but when it suited her, she used her Jamaican academic advantage and scores to gobble up a Belizean scholarship – she could not care less about the poor, roots Belizean that would have benefited from further education.  Greedy, selfish and self-serving!

David knew nothing about construction but gobbled up the bloated contract over the Civic Center.  It appears to me that the plans were in metric units while the materials were bought in imperial lengths – the result was that the beams were way too short.  He was very happy to pocket the taxpayers’ money.   His selfishness and greed denied generations of Belizeans a proper sporting facility – he was heartless!

Derek touched English soil and from then to now he has forgotten what it is to be Belizean.  Oxford accent, English pipe and the snottiest of attitudes.  A man superior and better than all of us Belizeans!

Eamon Trombone, a chip off the bad block, is more than willing to bankrupt his country!  He does NOT care if the country goes totally broke, bankrupt. He wrongly said of the island in the Sarstoon “… part of it is in Guatemalan territory.”  He confused listeners when trying to explain: “midline (rather than mid-channel)… maritime and territorial EEZ borders and boundaries...”   He is the legal counsel behind the idiot Palacio of BNTU– chief teacher/union dunce responsible for the atrocious PSE scores and Belize’s national failure in education!  The VOTERS must be the ones to totally REJECT Aschroft, Eamon and the PUP!  ONLY THE VOTERS CAN DEFEAT THOSE DEVILS!  DOWN WITH THE PUP!  THE VOTERS MUST ONCE AGAIN PROTECT THE JEWEL!