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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

Some supporters of the United Democratic Party don’t appreciate when I get too candid in my opinions, since l tend to be blunt at times.  But that is why I support the UDP; this Party allows, encourages even, differences of opinions and hearty discussion. Even so, I don’t want anyone to take this essay the wrong way.

At first, my acceptance of Hon. Faber as Deputy Party Leader was lukewarm, to say the least. This may be as a result of his challenge to OW’s Gapi Vega at Ricalde’s stadium in Corozal town for the post of UDP Deputy Party Leader, we from the North did not like the idea that both the seats of PL and DPL should be from the City. So we all thought of him as being too cocky and too pushy, too soon.

You will recall that at the recent UDP convention for UDP Deputy Party Leader between Hon. Saldivar and Hon. Faber the delegates from the North were split almost in half. Now since the dust has settled, Hon. Faber has gained the confidence of all UDP supporters here up North. We have heard only good things of the Minister; people say that he is a person of integrity who will defend the UDP to the bitter end. Also, He will not be intimidated by a mouthful of bullies, as we have seen with the quarrel with the BNTU. Hon. Faber has been winning elections from the days of his youth and has not been named in any hustling scheme.  Pray let him continue wearing this badge as his mantra and his garb.

As I have opined in previous essays, the UDP lost a lot of political capital with the several scandals out of the ministry of natural resources.  If the Party had not been exposed like that, the 2018 and 2020 elections would have been a shoo-in for the UDP and whosoever wins the post of UDP Party Leader next year.  The UDP has really developed this country infrastructurally and supporters love to point out that fact.  The good thing too; each district received a fair share of the national developmental funds.

What is commendable about our present Prime Minister is that whenever  the whiff of corruption rears its ugly head, he takes decisive action, even if  the aesthetics causes harm to the Party.  Under Mr. Barrow the country comes first. Let this practice continue as the new UDP Leader takes up the rein.

In the old days of the PUP, when a Minister is caught in a scandal, he gets a promotion. Remember Max? On a final note this week, all the PUP talk show hosts and guests alike continue harping that the US$78 million award to the Ashcroft Alliance as being an additional payment for BTL.  No, it’s not, it is an integral part of the original settlement, only now this final disputed tranche had to be paid in USD.  Let’s get our facts straight, konkasses.