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Thursday, 23 November 2017 00:00

Glen Bert Reneau, a 36 year-old Belize City resident, died in an accident, hours before the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations. He was on his way to Dangriga, the “Culture Capital”, but he and his 2 passengers never made it because he ran off a narrow, one-lane bridge into a creek at the bottom and totaled his vehicle.

At around 9:51 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, 2017, Belmopan police responded to reports of an accident at mile 31 and 32. On the scene, at the Saint Margaret Village Bridge, they found a grey Honda Accord car, which was submerged in the water, and which had extensive damages. Police have not specified if they found any of the occupants in the vehicle.

Investigators have revealed, however, that the Reneau was driving from Belmopan, to of  Dangriga Town. Traveling with him at the time were Glendale Ramos, a 26 year-old Police Constable, and 21 year-old Maria Ramirez, who’s also a Belize City resident. It is believed that while on the way towards Dangriga, he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the approach of the bridge. He suffered massive head and bodily injuries, and the vehicle was launched into the waters of the creek.

He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. His passengers, Ramos and Ramirez were also transported to the Western Regional Hospital. Ramirez suffered an injury to her left foot, while Ramos suffered an injury to his right hand.

Reneau’s mother, Lindall Sanchez, told the press that this was her son’s very first trip to Dangriga for the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations. Reneau reportedly did not know the Hummingbird Highway very well, and so his companion, Glendale Ramos, was guiding him on the highway. Ramos received a phone call, just before they were approaching the bridge, and so, he shifted focus for just a few minutes. In that very short space of time, Reneau approached the bridge, and without the directions he needed, his vehicle plunged off, and the vehicle and all the occupants fell into the water.

The impact caused all 3 to suffer varying degrees of injuries, but Reneau’s were the most serious; he passed away. He leaves behind 2 children.

His family is calling on the Ministry of Works to make changes at that bridge, and place railings of some sort, to protect drivers from simply driving off.

Currently the Ministry of Works is in the process of replacing 5 single lane bridges on the Hummingbird highway with one already being completed.