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Thursday, 23 November 2017 00:00

It seems like every time we turn around , there is another PUP QUARREL from inside the PUP to report on. Although the combatants may appear to change at times, there is one constant that remains the same. That constant is that whoever the combatants may be at the particular time, the genesis of the quarrel, stems around being in control of the PUP. Now once again we are seeing another such PUP quarrel playout on social media. In this latest PUP QUARREL the focus of the attack is Johnny. He is being attacked over his relationship with one Ambassador Stewart Leslie.

It is a well known fact that Johnny and Stuart have been very good  friends for a longtime.Their relationship has been almost the type of relationship between two brothers. Some have said it is more like a brother-in-law relationship. PUP Insider GeeMike has referred to it as an INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP. Apparently Stewart is the person advising Johnny on what should be in the MANIFESTOS for the various MUNICIPALITIES and that is not going down well with the other LEADERSHIP COMBATANTS.

The persons attacking Johnny at this time are complaining because, as they put it, JOHNNY is too close to Stuart and that he should not be that close to him because Stuart is an ambassador appointed under the UDP Administration. Now we don’t know why they are complaining about Stuart being appointed under a UDP Administration or how they got to that point. This is the way we understand Stuart got the job of Ambassador and to us it made plenty common sense and showed the openness and fairness of the UDP. He was appointed to represent the PUP as a part of the Belize team negotiating the Belize /Guatemala dispute. The long and short of it is that Stuart has the present job he has because HE IS A PUP  and he is there representing his party at the BEHEST OF HIS PARTY LEADER and was there in an almost similar position  prior to the UDP taking office. As far as we know, Stuart has never been a UDP supporter or has he made any such claim. What we know is that Stuart had always been some sort of ADVISOR  or GURU or CONFIDANT to the PUP Leaders within his time .

With the PUP National Convention now having being rescheduled to Sunday January 28th, we expect that this quarrel will become very nasty over the next two months and it will be extended right into and after the Municipal Elections. Johnny may very well be at the time regretting not holding the convention at this time it was scheduled for- this week  Sunday. Although at the convention there won’t be any challenge to Johnny’s Leadership or maybe we should say LACK OF LEADERSHIP, there will still be a fallout. It is a well established fact , that there does not have to be a contest or prize for there to be a fallout inside the PUP. There is always residual feelings and old scars from a previous fight or backstabbing or greed and or money that was not properly shared  for them to go back to for reasons to have a fallout.  In this scenario Johnny and his handler Stuart are banking on having  the convention so close to the Municipal Elections so as to cause the PUP to close ranks, cause a buildup of energy inside the PUP and they would then ride that energy into and pass those elections. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the PUP would need more than plenty such energy to get them into the starting gate alone.

We believe that the convention will definitely produce energy. However it will not be the type of energy that Johnny is hoping for. The type of energy it will produce will be NEGATIVE ENERGY which will produce the type of rumbling in the PUP that will cause the PUP to crumble from within. One man who we know will be doing his best to create and build on that negative energy inside the PUP is Kareem. His people are already on the offensive. They are the ones leading the Facebook assault against Johnny at present. One of the persons who has been on the attack is Gavin, one of Kareem’s righthand men.He has been so direct that we had to include some of his posts and comments in this essay. To show that we are not trying to makeup any story, we will include SCREENSHOTS of those posts. One of the posts has been removed, but we have them in our possession. In these post Kareem’s righthand man is making reference to Stewart Leslie and Johnny. We want you the readers to read what the massage being sent are, we are not making up any story.