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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 23 November 2017 00:00

The AMAMDALA editorial of Friday, November 17, 2017 was a pleasant read because of some startling admissions: 1)“… revolutionaries leading the People’s United Party (PUP) were attracted by his [Arbenz] policies and saw Guatemala as an ally…”  2)”…PUP contact with Guatemala…”  3)”…sent Mr. Price home… because he had held talks with a Guatemalan official.”  4)”…the PUP Leader was trying to sell out the country “lock, stock and barrel.””  The above rank right up there with Smith’s:”…he [Price] had received financial assistance from Guatemala in the 1950s.”  I say startling, because every PUP supporter had vehemently denied all of the above over and over and over – for years!  PUP lied to cover-up dangerous national misdeeds! Guatemala has Pacific and Caribbean coastline, together longer than Belize’s! The south west limit of the Cayman Trough is at Guatemala’s toe – she has the best access to high seas!

UDP again has to clean up PUP’s mess!  The PUPs are in a panic over the Maritime Areas Act. In 1982, I was a marine science delegate to the United Nations sponsored training on the new Law of the Sea Convention.  We were taught the way that coastal states should expand their territorial seas from the traditional 3 miles to the new entitlement, 12 miles.  The experts used Belize as the teaching example because in the south, the Equidistant Principle would have to be employed.  I got their material and incorporated it into my report which went to the Ministry in Belmopan on my return.  We were specifically instructed to provide the technical information that would go to the Solicitor General for further work and thence to Legislators for eventual amendment of the National Law.  Twelve (12) miles where possible and equidistant partition in the areas where the intercountry separation was less than twenty four miles!  George Cadle Price of the PUP was the Prime Minister from 21 September 1981 to 17 December 1984. “I understand the Rt. Honourable the Prime Minister to say at Parish Hall that, in fact, there was no attempt made to claim our entitlement under International Law…so as to have a basis for negotiations.”(Hon. D. O. Barrow House Of Representatives Friday, 17 January, 1992). In hindsight, Price was wrong not to claim 12 miles throughout and to the median line in the deep south! It’s not simple omission; Price had ulterior motives w.r.t. Guatemala. He always had…1966 The Thirteen Proposals, 1968 The Seventeen Proposals, 1981 the Heads of Agreement, 1992 The Maritime Areas Act and 2000 The Richler-Ramphal Proposals!

Recall that in 1937, 1940 & 1946 the British demanded that Guatemala prove a legal basis for its claim, in a competent court!  The very wise, knowledgeable, experienced and competent British absolutely refused to negotiate away any part of their property!

Jorge Antonio Serrano Elías, president of Guatemala from 14 January, 1991 to 31 May, 1993 “…asked whether an element in what should have been the final package could be taken out of the final package, as it were, and be acted upon by Belize at that time as a “quid pro quo” for recognition”(Hon. D. O. Barrow, ibid).  George Cadle Price was the PM again; from 7 September 1989 to 3 July 1993! When he agreed to Serrano’s request he disrespected all Belizeans. He should have totally rejected Serrano’s unreasonable request. Even taking into account the bipartisan efforts, the Maritime Area Act is fully the PUP’s baby!  The ‘final package’ never materialized. I am against the ambiguity of any seeming concession (from the 3 mile point to the median line); therefore I recommend amendment to our full entitlement: twelve miles or the midline; in the interest of Belize and Belizeans! I am 100% sure that the UDP Cabinet and Government have long ago decided to “fix” the mess created by the PUP by amending the Maritime Areas Act! The Jewel is ours – all of it: land, water & air; plus entitlements!  UDP protects Belizeans and Belize!  PUP is Criminal Gang!

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