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Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

Belize authorities have discovered an aircraft which was landed in the Orange Walk District. Someone set it on fire, most likely to destroy any sort of evidence. This is an illicit landing, and so, it is suspected that this plane was carrying drug cargo.

Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, the officer commanding Eastern Division’s Criminal Investigation Branch, confirmed reports of the discovery to the press in the bi-weekly police press conference on Monday, November 27.

ASP Cowo said that on Sunday, November 26, Orange Walk police received information that there was a downed plane in the Hill Bank Area of the District. They quickly deployed to the location, and in a corn field, they came upon the aircraft which was completely destroyed by fire.

Belizean law enforcement don’t yet know the make and model of the aircraft because all identifying features were removed. The experts from the Civil Aviation Department are expected to go out to the location and inspect it, to hopefully make that determination. Those with knowledge of aircrafts, who’ve seen it, believe that this plane is a twin turbo-prop King Air 200. Such an aircraft is reported to be able to carry cargo that is up to a tonne.

Police have not specified if they have reason to suspect whether this corn field is an illegal airstrip in disguise, or if it is only just a corn field. From their inspection, however, it appears that the persons who were using this aircraft simply used the corn field as a landing zone.

If that aircraft is determined to be the twin turbo prop King Air 200, then that means that the users destroyed an expensive asset. Online estimates say that planes of that type cost anywhere from over US $300,000, to about US 1.5 million dollars. It is a standard practice by narco-traffickers to destroy airplanes after a drug cargo is moved from one location to the next. So, if the aircraft was intentionally destroyed, then it is a reasonable speculation that whatever cargo it was carrying is far more valuable.

The cops found nothing else on scene, and no other signs of the users of this plane.