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Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

Earlier this month, the beneficiaries of the Public Sector Workers Trust (PSWT) applied to the Supreme Court for enforcement of an order they had received on March 3rd of this year.

On Monday November 27th, Supreme Court Justice, Courtenay Abel heard the request in-camera and at the end of it granted the beneficiaries’ request. In the order, the court told those who control the PSWT at this time, the BNTU and the PSU, to cease all disbursements of monies that the trust is currently engaged in contrary to an order which the court had given in March. The court also ordered that all parties involved need to go into mediation within 45 days.

This is yet another significant victory for the beneficiaries as the PSWT had continued a loan program despite an order from the court in March where the trust had been deemed illegal and unenforceable. The court had also ordered that an accounting of all the monies take place as well as that efforts be made to recover all monies which had been used by the trust.

The PSWT issued a release on Tuesday in which it states that there was no injunction issued by the court. It states that “the Court ordered (and was agreed to by the Unions and Trustees in the spirit of compromise and accountability) was that the lists and details of loans be provided to the other parties to the case before loans are disbursed.