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Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

On Monday night we had the pleasure, or should we say, displeasure, of viewing and listening to the Business hour show being aired live on Love FM. We heard two things that jumped out at us right away. The first was a statement by one of the hosts of the show. We don’t remember which one of them made the statement because it was so out of left field that it took us by surprise; perhaps it is better that we don’t remember which of the two Jackasses said it. Then the other one by his silence indicated that he saw nothing wrong with what was said. The two hosts started off the show by speaking about the freak accident that cause the pilot to have to resort to landing the plane into the sea. In the plane at the time were the Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber, who at the time was the Acting Prime Minister, along with Minister Godwin Hulse and some members of the Belize Infrastructure Limited and the Sports Council. The group was on their way to Punta Gorda to inaugurate the brand new, recently completed PUNTA GORDA CIVIC CENTER. Luckily, the skillful pilot was able to land the plane safely and nobody suffered any injuries more that the injury to their pride when they got soaked in the sea. Well rather than saying that they were glad that nobody was injured, one of the Jackasses commented that he wished that Minister Rene Montero would have been on the flight. We don’t know if he said that because he wishes harm to befall Minister Montero, but we found his statement to be a very cold and cowardly statement. Especially since one of the hosts of the show once professed to be some sort of Pastor and a deeply religious character. Why did we hear so much hate from those two gentlemen?

The next matter that we found appalling was their ad hominem attack on BTL and  the professionalism of the BTL Board, Management Team and Workers. Apparently Troy  Gabb, the same one who took DFC to the dump, and Darrel don’t like the fact that BTL being the dominant telecommunications provider, is seeking funding to invest in modern and much needed technology to replace the outdated technology it presently uses. We don’t know if these two gentlemen are holding brief for BTL’s Competitor, but it would be easy for someone to assume just that, because of the way they sounded on Monday. Troy in particular was on the attack over the fact that BTL was in the process acquiring the fund for the procurement and rolling out of it’s Fiber Internet Technology. He disingenuously said that BTL did not need to make the investment, but was only doing so because BTL’s NEW, FOREIGN CEO wanted to do so.

Well we say he was being disingenuous because he, Troy Gabb, knows fully well that BTL made it known that it would be investing in Fiber Optic Technology when it LAUNCHED IT’S HYPERNET (Fiber Internet) PILOT PROJECT on the 29, October 2016 in Los Lagos, where he himself lives and was present at the Launch. Perhaps he may also be someone who already has the Fiber Optic Internet at his home in Los Lagos , since Los Lagos is one of the communities where it has being piloted for the past year. At the time of that Launch BTL was under a Belizean CEO, Mr. Anwar Barrow. Is it so hard to think that our own Belizean brothers and sisters can come up with great ideas? Are Belizeans not as aware of what our needs are when it comes to TELECOMMICATIONS TECHNOLOGY? Are we not supposed to be right up at the top of the game? When the launch took place, it was months before its present CEO was hired. Moreover the talk about FIBER has been going on for years now. REMEMBER the Arcos 1 Cable from as far back as 2001? BTL has been tinkering with fiber optic cables ever since, so going full scale now is not a surprise. We don’t know why Carter and Gabb chose to hate on their own Belizeans so much. We ask if hate for BTL is because the CEO at the time this bold and progressive move was taken, happened to be a competent, brilliant Belizean?