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Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

Some folks have being asking one question and that question is “if the house does not approve the over 90 Million dollars payment to Ashcroft, will the Prime Minister be sent to jail?” Well according to what we’ve been told, that can’t happen. Parliament is independent from the court and the court cannot tell parliament what to do. To that end the court cannot hold the Prime Minister as the Minister of Finance responsible for something Parliament refuses to do. The Minister of Finance’s responsibility ends when he presents the motion asking parliament for permission to spend moneys from the Consolidated Revenue Fund in order to comply with the courts judgement. Once that is done he is in the clear. Many people also want to know how the PUP Members would vote in regards to the said motion. Well as we see it, the PUP is in a bind on this one. The PUP is approaching this so as to avoid having to vote one way or another. They cannot play cute and abstain either. If they are present in the house they will have to vote on this one because the people will not take any abstaining in this matter. It is a ticklish situation for the PUP, especially if it were to occur near to the municipal elections. Then if they vote either way, it will be bad for them also. With a YES vote, they will be in trouble with the PEOPLE/VOTERS and then with a NO vote they will upset their FINANCIAL BACKER. We suspect that a division will be called for and each member would then be asked to record their vote individually.   What we suspect is that the PUP will employ their old ploy and get Julius or some other GOAT, to disrupt the meeting by picking a fight and then they will walk out before the voting takes place. They would then claim that they were not there when the vote took place.

This is one web that the PUP have gotten into that they cannot easily get themselves out of. Belizeans won’t easily forget how and why we are at this point in our history. The PUP is doing their best to try and pass off blame for this one unto the UDP, but Belizeans are not taking that line. Even Kareem is mouthing off and fronting on this one. He has said that he will vote against paying this money to Ashcroft’s BANK. This is not the first time that he has tried to distance himself from his father and party’s legacy either. We all remember when, back in October, he made the following statement about his fathers dealings. “I am my own person. And, everybody knows - well, not everybody - but my father knows that I disagree on a lot of issues, when it comes to him, and the decisions he has made, and I have said that publicly.” Well, based on what he said back then and what he is saying now, are we to make the conjecture that this UHS loan guarantee may be one of the things, that he disagrees with his father Said Wilbert Musa on? Although Kareem has been asked a direct question about whether the UHS situation is one such instance where he disagrees with a decision of  his father, he has so far avoided answering that question. For him it is a no win situation, any answer that he gives will cost him. Either he goes against his FATHER and his PARTY or he goes against the PEOPLE of BELIZE.

We don’t know if Kareem’s people are acting under his instructions or not, but we know that they have been on the attack. The target of those attacks have been Johnny and Johnny’s confidant EAMON. One such attack took place on Tuesday 21st November, which was one full day before the judgement was handed down. Gavin who is one of Kareem’s people, posted the following post that we have quoted verbatim from his social media page. “Tell me it ain’t so, a next paycheck of 18.5 million for who?” We take that to mean that he is suggesting that someone was about to pick up a huge paycheck of 18.5 MILLION DOLLARS. We know that the only people who would stand to make that type of money in one lump sum would be LAWYERS and DRUG DEALERS. Now we don’t think Gavin would be talking about a drug dealer. So that can only mean he was referring to a LAWYER. We know of only one recent occurrence where a Lawyer could have made that type of money. A quick calculation, would put 20% of 90 MILLION just below the 18.5 MILLION that Gavin mentioned.

The way it is happening right now in the PUP operating on an ‘everyone for himself mode.’  They are prepared to roll anybody under the bus, even if it means that the person rolled under the bus is family, friend or foe. Anything goes, it is all about self-preservation. These PUP snakes will always bite. They don’t care who they bite. As a sign that the PUP, in their snake like behavior, will try to sliver themselves out of this hole that they find themselves in, they are now trying to blame the UDP for this one. However Belizeans are much smarter than the PUP think and they know who to blame for this one.

We have been doing our best to poll the regular Jane and Joe out there and we are being told that they want government to refuse to pay for a hospital that we don’t own or can’t afford to go to. Several of those persons we spoke to told us that they have already given their Representatives instructions not to vote in favor of paying that money. While others have told us that they are in the process of visiting their Area Representatives to give them the same instruction. Then there are some people who have told us we need to pay, but those persons are small in numbers. On the other hand, all elected UDP Area Representatives who have come out, have said that they won’t vote in favor of paying that money. We don’t know how this situation will play out, but we at this newspaper support the decision of the elected UDP PARLIAMENTARIANS to stand with the PEOPLE AND REFUSE TO PAY!