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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

As I understand it, our legal system does not allow the common man to question or criticize judgements entered into by courts who have constitutional jurisdiction over our country.  Attorneys can do it, but only by filing an official appeal to a higher court. But they cannot go on any forum and blast a judge’s ruling. As such, in Belize anybody can disparage, within limits, any person, including the Governor General, but the trustworthiness of the court is sacrosanct under penalty of contempt, so I better tread carefully here, and I want to be clear on this: I am not a spokesperson for the UDP, I am simply Jamil Amin Matar, Belizean citizen by birth. I apologize in advance if I sound cross, but in truth many of my fellow Belizeans feel the same way I do.

Our country has been rocked to its foundation by two recent rulings made by our highest court of law, the CCJ.  We are now witnessing the biggest challenge ever to our peaceful and democratic existence. A war is being waged against Belize by a well-heeled entity consumed with arrogance, power and greed. The local media refers to this entity as the Ashcroft Alliance, and the principal of this alliance is said to be a British Peer.  Now, Belizeans all know that the said Peer has or has had a moving hand in several  major enterprises in  Belize like the Belize Bank, Smart, IMARBE and  probably several others that we are most likely unaware of.  Bottom line is: those are the Peer’s business interests; but who makes up this so-called Alliance, we ask? Who is he allied with?  We know about Courtenay; of course; who in Belize doesn’t? He is the face and voice of the said Alliance. But who others form part of this wealthy and powerful Alliance charged with the sole vendetta of crushing our country’s financial foundation? Is it the hierarchy of the People’s United Party; Musa, Big Lindo, Wade, Fonseca, Hyde and Briceño?  Personally I am not inclined to believe that Briceño and Hyde would “pillow talk” with an oppressor who is so consumed with spite, revenge and his personal image enough to destroy our country. But who the hell knows how politicians think when they are sufficiently desperate to grasp onto the reins of power?

The Alliance achieved a major financial victory in realizing an elevated price for BTL, now a government asset, but as it pertains to Universal Health Services, our people have nothing to show for that judgement. Even with the BTL victory the Lord keeps coming at us with ancient, secret agreements accommodated to him by a rotten and despicable previous PUP administration. Wicked, rotten despots who were trustily elected by Belizeans to manage our affairs properly. How they betrayed our Belize so terribly!

This supercilious Peer is now posturing for PUP political ads, twisting truth to assuage his ego. He seems to be redirecting his efforts in bringing down this government and re-instating his beloved PUP. After all; Smart da love!  God forbid, if the PUP ever wins again, the mighty Peer will get back BTL, the UHS zinc  house, plus BWSL and any other toy he wishes to play with, including KHMH, since it is now clear that the Alliance is actually the People’s United Party under cover. Watch how the surrogates celebrate and salivate when the white man wins a judgement against us!  They are raving mad if they think we will believe an oppressor over our own Belizean born Prime Minister!

The way it looks at this time, the House will not pass a bill to pay the Alliance no $90 million, so we will see what other steps our highest court will take to enforce the judgement. Will sanctions be declared against our country? We ran away from the frying pan of the Privy Council because of they not allowing the death penalty, and we jumped right into the fire.  Can we reverse course? We are not hanging criminals anyway.  In any instance, it would seem that entities with unlimited resources like the Alliance can gain access to hearings against Belize in the UK and American courts as they so please.  Maybe we have to recalibrate this whole CCJ jurisdiction. Am just saying; not condemning.