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Written by By Thamar Jones   
Thursday, 30 November 2017 00:00

If you could magically become the best you could possibly be; what would you be like?

What are the steps you need to take to become that person?

What kind of person or qualities are you attracted to?

What kind of person or qualities would attract the person above?

What else do you want to attract in your life?

Throughout our lives we are all in search for that special something or someone to completely satisfy us and give us the happiness we think we deserve and desire. We want amazing friends that bring fun and excitement into our lives. We want the dream job, or that perfect someone to love us. We sometimes spend a lifetime searching for people and things to fulfill us. We think we know what we want. But sometimes when we do manage to get these things, we end up realizing that it does not fulfill us in the ways we thought it would.

There is a special type of satisfaction one feels when they are being the best possible version of themselves.  It fulfills us in ways that material things and superficial connections with people could never and it allows us to effortlessly attract the things we desire most into our lives because we attract not that which we want but that which we are being.

What does it mean to attract that which we are being? To understand let’s look at the example of Joyjah, Belize’s very own super model and social media starlet.

Launching one’s self as a model from Belize is no easy feat.  But that was the dream of Joyjah Estrada. But it was not enough to just dream of it. It was not going to happen for her just because she wanted it to. It happened because Joyjah had begun to act as if she were a model which attracted that reality to her life.

How did she act as if? Let’s break that down.

She looked the Part

Models are generally required to maintain certain appearance. Whether a Victoria Secret model or a plus size model, you are generally required to keep a toned physique, healthy hydrated skin, and personal grooming that is above reproach. Although she has her own unique look, Joyjah made sure to look the part of a model by dressing fashionably, maintaining her grooming and fitness.

She modeled even before she became a model.

What do models do? They take pictures. They rock photo-shoots. So wanting to be a model, that is just what Joyjah did. She took selfies and set up her own photo-shoots at home every chance she got. She made sure to capture and publish interesting photos regularly and said yes to walking in fashion shows even when the pay was little to none.

If Joyjah had said, “if I become a model I will get in shape and start to care for my hair” or, “ I can’t wait until I get a modeling gig so I can take some dope pictures” then believe you me, Joyjah would not have attracted the opportunities she has today. That is what it meant by: we attract not that which we want but that which were being.

Just imagine the things we attract when we are being negative. You too can attract the things you most want into your life, but it works best when you must be the best possible version of yourself.

And it is easier to do than you might think. It is a journey to the top of the mountain, but it’s completely obtainable, and totally worth the effort. If you have improved on the person you were yesterday, then already that means that you are your best self because you are now already better than you have ever been!

To get started on the journey to becoming your best self, you must start by defining what this version of yourself is like.

As my best self: What do I look like?  How do I speak?  How do I think?  How do I eat?  How do I interact with others?  What do people think of me?  What would I be capable of, that I am currently not?  Define your perfect self in adjectives that are measurable and obtainable.  Things like “she speaks well, avoids idle conversation, and is listened to and respected by all of those that she communicates with.”

Then ask yourself, what are the steps I need to take to become this person? This will be the start of the greatest journey of your life.

Asking yourself these questions you will realize that instead of going out and searching outside of yourself for the perfect person or opportunity that ticks all the boxes, you need to work on yourself first. Because if you remain the person you are, even if the perfect opportunity were to fall into your lap from the sky today, you may not be ready to seize it.

Work on yourself to be the person of your dreams and everything else you desire will find its own way to you. That’s the law of attraction right there.