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Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:00

Someone somewhere should have advised Karim Adle Jr. to NEVER EVER touch the subject of corruption much less accuse anyone of being corrupt in the garbage he spews in the Belize Times.

Karim Adle Jr. has his head stuck so far up his aristocratic ass that it might either be affecting his brain or maybe, given him simpleton mannerisms, he might not have much of a brain at all.

Let me refresh this little fella’s memory:

Your father, Karim Adle Sr, a Said Musa flunky, got tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to pave the Jaguar Paw road which began falling apart in less than six months due to poor workmanship. Ask your father, “weh the money gone?”

Your father got tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to pave the road from San Ignacio to Bullet Tree Falls, again, due to poor workmanship, the road began falling apart in less than four months. Ask your father, “weh the money gone?”

Your father told those who cared to listen that the Bullet Tree Road failed because he gave Otto Coleman most of the money only to lose the election; an excuse which Coleman flatly denies.

Ask your father what he did with the money for the construction of the substandard ITVET building in Hope Creek?

Is your father one of those persons Johnny Briceno was taking about when he demanded that they bring back the millions and millions and millions of dollars stolen from the Belizean people? Ask him. If he is, please tell him to comply with Johnny Briceno’s instructions to bring back the millions, not to the PUP however, but rather to the people of Belize. The people of Bullet Tree Falls still need their road. The present government has rectified whatever went wrong with the Jaguar Paw Road!

You are familiar with the saying: “Easy comes. Easy goes”. Ask your father where are the millions of dollars in equipment he acquired under the PUP. In fact you do not have to ask him, you already know that they have all rotted away parked on his abandoned land at the entrance to Kontiki and the Guatemalans took them away for scrap metal. “Easy comes. Easy goes”

For your part, you are a political failure.  You tried to run for a simple position in the PUP and got your ass badly whipped. Your arrogant, bully of a father ended up beating Micah Goodin just because the people rejected you.

The people know of your family deeds, the PUP, except for the Musa faction, do not like the name you are cursed to carry. Like the Musa/Fonseca name, they know that your name is bad for the PUP. The name you carry stink outta road, in all of San Ignacio, Santa Elena, Jaguar Paw, Bullet Tree, Hope Creek and other communities in Belize.

If you are tired of questioning your father, then turn to your mother, Miriam Novelo, and ask her about the 30 million dollars from the Belizean people that was given to her brothers Antonio and David Novelo in a single day. You should be the very last person to be accusing anyone of being corrupt.

Your classmates at Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio remember you as the SUPER rich kid flaunting lots of money in class. You drove the latest model vehicles to high school, as a child, breaking the law and hiding behind heavy tint because you were not of age to get a drivers license.

Trust me, I can write a lot more. As long as you continue pontificating in the Belize Times, I will continue exposing the corrupt ways of your family on both the Adle and Novelo sides. You come here like you are all clean when your name is stink, stink, stink. You and your family should still be hiding under the biggest rock never to every see the light of day again.