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Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:00

Jaime Pelayo Jr., a 35 year-old Orange Walk Town resident with many run-ins with the law, was shot and killed while out partying with friends at a popular night establishment. Though he had many enemies - several of which made a number of attempts to take his life - his family believes that he was the victim of random violence.

The incident happened sometime after 4 o’clock on Friday, December 15, in front of the D’ Gym Sports Bar and Grill, a night club located in the town, on the Belize Corozal Road. Police say that they arrived at the scene to find Jaime Pelayo, better known as “James” or “Doggy”, with a gunshot to the chest, an injury which claimed his life.

His father, Jaime Pelayo Sr., told the press that he was at home with his girlfriend and his 4 year-old daughter, until some time after 3 a.m. that morning, when a friend stopped by his house and convinced him to go out for a drink. They ended up at the nightclub, which was once known as “Butchy’s”, where he and others were socializing.

Police say that a shooter opened fire on him while he was standing on the road, but his father’s information is that he was standing on the verandah. The two sources of information say that he was talking to 2 women when a gunman pulled out the weapon and fired 3 shots at the group. One of the women was grazed by one of those shots, but Pelayo, was not so fortunate. According to his dad, he suffered a shot to the chest, and shortly afterwards, he died.

At this time, it is not known why Pelayo was killed in those early morning hours, but his father, Jaime Sr., says that he is reliably informed that the shooter was drunk. From his perspective, his son’s death was as a result of a random shooting, and that the gunman was “drunk”. That shooter, reportedly opened fire on the group, and Pelayo was unfortunately, the only victim who died.

Speaking candidly about his son’s life style choices, Jaime Pelayo Sr. said, “My son was a really bad egg. Even the police was scared of him… I sit down; I talk to my wife… We talked and said, ‘What the hell happened?’ You know? Where did we go wrong?

He also added, “I prepared myself for this day.”

Jaime Sr. said that he knew that he would receive a call one day that his wayward son was dead.

The family told the press that killers came after “James” at least 5 times before he was murdered on December 15. He survived those earlier attempts, and he was even shot once.

His struggles with the street life reportedly started when his mother took him and his siblings to the US to live. Over there, he got caught up with a gang, because unfortunately, young boys are the target of the gangs who lived in the community. Gangs which he joined after leaving Belize. “James” reportedly was the young member of the gang who was used to burglarize the homes of American citizens. Because he was small and slim, he was reportedly the perfect person to climb into hard-to-reach windows, and open the door for his older accomplices.

Jaime Sr. insists that when his son landed back in Belize, he tried his very best to provide “James” with an education and a safe environment away from gangs and a life of crime. “James” reportedly followed the advice of bad company, who led him back to that lifestyle, and he ended up spending a lot of time in jail.

Despite refusing to follow his father’s advice, Jaime Pelayo Jr. was reportedly a loving son who was affectionate whenever he visited his family’s home.