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Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:00

Oswald Lopez, a well-known taxi driver from Belmopan, was found stabbed to death outside the Capital City.

The 69 year-old’s body was found dead next to his gold Kia Sorento taxi, on a dirt road near to the Hector Silva Airstrip, which is located on the outskirts of Belmopan. At around 2:55 p.m. on Sunday, December 17, the cops visited the area and they found him, and upon inspection, the responding officers observed several stab wounds to his upper body.

It is unclear at this time what happened; two possibilities have been entertained. The first is that he may have picked up his killer who took him out there. The other is that the assailant(s) may have caught him off-guard and forced him to drive out to the area where he was killed. Reports from his fellow taxi drivers are that he may have gotten a call earlier that afternoon, presumably to do a job for a customer. Police say that they are looking for one person who they think can help them solve this case.

His family tells the press that he went to pick up food from the marketplace a few hours earlier, and he told his family members that there was little business activity happening at the taxi stand where he worked. So, he was expected to have gone home to get some rest.  Shortly afterwards, his body was discovered. His family also found his unfinished plate of food at his house.

Those who knew Lopez had only good things to say about his character and personality. He was known for his job as a taxi driver, but he was also a musician and entertainer. In fact, he developed the nickname “Elvis” from the late Elvis Presley, the famous American musician. Apart from his love of music and entertainment, he was regarded as friendly and easy-going. As a result, it is particularly surreal for his family members and friends to consider that he had any enemies. It simply does not match who he was.

His family is asking for the public’s help, by providing any information to the police that they may have about his murder. Investigators may have already discovered important pieces of evidence which may assist them in solving Lopez’s murder.

He also leaves behind over 20 children.