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Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:00

Two mobile units travelling at high speeds in opposite directions resulted in one fatality over the weekend.  On Saturday 16th December, 2017 at around 5:55 pm Police received information of a traffic accident on the George Price Highway. Police responded and upon arrival observed a damaged black Skygo motorcycle on the center of the highway. Police also saw about 20 feet away just off the right shoulder of the road a grey Wingle pickup truck with extensive damages to the left front end and windshield.

The body of a man wearing a helmet was on the ground also at the center of the road just a few feet from the pickup truck. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the motorcyclist was travelling from the direction of Belmopan toward San Ignacio and the Wingle was travelling in the opposite direction when upon reaching Camalote Village near mile 50, they collided head on.

Such was the force of the collision that the rider of the cycle was hurled to the ground. The driver of the pickup was later found to be Winston Gordon, a 45 year old laboratory technician from San Ignacio Town. Traveling along with him at the time were his children namely, 19 year old Alexie Casimiro, and two others who are minors. They reportedly received minor injuries. Police were able to take urine samples from Gordon and he has been served with a notice of intended prosecution.

Winston Gordon explained to police that he had swerved his pickup truck from oncoming traffic, but was unable to prevent the collision.

However, the motorcyclist received serious injuries and would later succumb to his injury at the scene. His body was then transported to Western Regional morgue.

The deceased was later learnt to be Leo Ampie Flores, a 39 year old of Unitedville, and a former resident of Nicaragua.  Flores had finished off from work at the Santander Sugar Factory and was heading to assist his common law wife at a restaurant in Unitedville.

Police later discovered that the Skygo motorcycle did not appear to be insured nor had any headlights.