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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:00

The New Standard Encyclopedia (NSE) explains that the one idea central to the meaning of law is this: order and regularity in the happening of events. No mention of correctness. It also explains that law and justice are sometimes confused.  It declares that justice is a philosophical term, one that has no exact meaning.  The laws of God are different from man’s.  The laws of nature and the laws of science do not directly depend on man’s whims!

On page 180 of Queen’s Counsel, L. M. Bloomfield’s book you will find the very interesting read: “Surely the Mosquito Indians ought not to prove an obstacle to so happy a consummation.  Even if these savages had never been actually subdued by Spain, this would give them no title to rank as an independent State, without violating the principles and the practice of every European nation, without exception, which has acquired territory on the continent of America.  They all mutually recognized the right of discovery, as well as the title of the discoverer to a large extent of interior territory, though at the moment occupied by fierce and hostile tribes of Indians.  On this principle the wars, the negotiations, the cessions and the jurisprudence of these nations were founded.”  Stealing land as the very basis of principle and practice, wow!

The New Standard Encyclopedia states that the word jurisprudence means ‘philosophy of law’ as well as ‘organized study of law.’  This writer still has major problems with unfair concepts that involve taking others’ lands as the basis for a legal system!  Yes, history has recorded many examples of good laws, bad laws, just practices as well as unjust practices!  Nazi Germany provided us with the most terrible example of bad laws and unjust practices but it was not the only ‘bad’ country out there. Which ones encouraged conquest, discrimination, racism, slavery?

Next topic: UNIVERSAL SPEAKS ON $30 MILLION DEBT General Section, AMANDALA — 08 December 2004 — by Adele Ramos. Dr. Lizarraga of Universal Health Services (UHS) said:” We overheard that Medical Associates had gotten $4 million from Social Security.  So, what you think we did? We put together our package.” The investors began with loans from the Belize Bank Ltd., and Barclays Bank.  Then Social Security Board (SSB), Development Finance Corporation (DFC), Musa and Fonseca got in the dance.  Musa and Fonseca are down with secret agreements and compound interests. Today the figure is $90,600,000.00 and growing…

The PEOPLE did NOT know about the secret guarantee.  The PEOPLE did NOT consent to ANY guarantee; so the PEOPLE do NOT accept RESPONSIBILITY.  Musa and Fonseca should pay.  All the PUPs should go to Belize Bank and pay!  Some of them are trying to hide but we will call them out!  Evan “X” Hyde tricked ‘Commoners’ to believe that he is Independent, Third Party or Roots – but, like his dad and his sons; he is BLUE. Greed & Self-interest is their game!