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Thursday, 04 January 2018 00:00

Police have arrested and charged 24 year-old Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown for the murder of 38 year-old Fareed Ahmad. Ahmad was a well-known barber, businessman, community activist, and a practitioner of the Muslim Faith, who died under very questionable circumstances.

The mystery started unravelling on Thursday, December 28, 2017, when residents of Hattieville Village heard a loud bang outside their homes, sometime after midnight. Concerned persons exited their front doors and found Ahmad’s grey BMW X5 SUV smashed into the side of another vehicle that was parked on the side of the road between miles 16 and 17, less than a half a mile away from the Hattieville Police station, and half a mile away from Ahmad’s home.

When they responded, they found Ahmad trapped inside the vehicle in front of the steering wheel. In the passenger seat, the first responders found WPC Brown suffering from injuries to her body from the impact. Both persons were rescued from the vehicle, and Ahmad’s fellow villagers realized that he was bleeding a lot, more than they suspected he should have been. Both of them were rushed to the KHMH, But Ahmad succumbed to his injuries. The doctors later realized that not only did he get seriously hurt in the accident, he also suffered a gunshot to the face. Those injury are believed to have been caused by a bullet which entered and exited his face.

Immediately, fingers started pointing in Brown’s direction, since she was the only other person in the vehicle when the accident happened. Plus, some residents asserted that they heard the sound of gunshots. Upon close inspection, officers found 2 bullet holes in Ahmad’s driver’s side window.

When the cops searched the vehicle they initially did not find any weapons. Ahmad was known to have a licensed weapon on him at all times, and after the vehicle was properly examined, the cops couldn’t find it. Currently, that gun is still missing.  What the officers later found was Michelle Brown’s police issued firearm in the crushed portions of the vehicle. They requested the assistance of the Fire Department and their jaws of life equipment to cut open the vehicle so that they could gain access to the front portions that were damaged by the crash. That’s where the cops found Brown’s police issued firearm.

Lead investigators say that she should not have had this weapon on her, and that she violated the department’s protocols about turning in a weapon at the end of the work-day, when her shift ended. Because an officer was in close proximity to Ahmad’s death, the Commissioner of Police ordered that a criminal investigation and an internal investigation be conducted.

Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams told the press on Monday, January 2, after the New Year’s Holiday weekend, that the decision was made to charge Brown with the offense of murder. She is also facing the disciplinary offenses of neglect of duty because she failed to turn in her police firearm before reporting off-duty, and prejudice to good order and discipline because it is believed that she inflicted the unlawful harm that caused Fareed Ahmad’s death.

The officer who issued her the weapon has written in his duty report indicating that Brown had 15 lives rounds of ammunition inside that weapon. The cops found 13 live rounds in the weapon, and 2 expended shells inside the vehicle. These discoveries have been sent for the forensic lab for testing, but it is believed that all of these pieces of evidence will line up to implicate Brown. Williams also asserted that from his professional opinion, the gunshots which exited through Ahmad’s driver’s side window were fired from inside the SUV.

Ahmad’s family is dissatisfied with police, even though the investigators were swift to make an arrest for his killing. First of all, they are distrustful of police after the Special Branch raided their homes in July of 2016 and confiscated all their electronics and computers. Fareed Ahmad had made an internal complaint last week against the Eastern Division South’s Special Assignment Team. Hours after that, he was killed. In fact, Brown is a member of that same unit, which answers to Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal. The Ahmad family says that they have been threatened, and they are fearful for their lives as law abiding citizens. They also insist that different members of the family are under some sort of surveillance from law enforcement. They have called for an independent investigator to take over the case because, from their perspective, the cops should not investigate their own.

They have implied that Fareed Ahmad was killed as a result of some state sanctioned execution, but the family has not been able to quell the persistent rumors that Brown was romantically involved with him. It is still unexplained why Brown was inside Ahmad’s vehicle at that time of the night, if they were strangers to each other.

Police intend to take the legal route to request phone records from the telecommunications company, of which they were customers. From the perspective of police, those records should help them discover a motive for Ahmad’s killing, and whether or not he and Brown had any sort of relationship.

Brown was arraigned in front of Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer on Tuesday, January 2 on one count of murder. She is on remand at the Belize Central Prison, until March 9, 2018.