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Thursday, 04 January 2018 00:00

Over the next 62 days we will be bombarded with all sorts of PUPs saying that, ‘the sky is falling POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT.’ These advertisements won’t contain anything positive. Leading the charge with these advertisements will be the soon to be, FORMER LEADER OF THE PUP, Johnny Briceño. He has already started on his negativity. Some of you readers of the Guardian may have heard Johnny’s New Year’s Speech and got an idea of the type of thing we are referring to. Johnny’s behavior is the product of a desperate man, trying to survive. These Municipal Elections will be what will lead to Johnny being replaced as Leader of the Opposition. He knows that his days are numbered and he is now hearing footsteps behind him.

As we watched and listened as Johnny make his New Year’s Speech we had to wonder, where is Johnny living. We had to ask if Johnny he is living in this country?  Does he not see the amount of people who are working and making money?  As one of the owners of Smart, does he not know that phone sales went up over the Christmas?  Is not Smart now involved in providing INTERNET SERVICE for homes and businesses?  Is that not a new investment? As a sensible businessman, he claims to be, would he had invested in such a huge venture, if business were bad? Aren’t his family’s cable companies making money?  Did the cable companies not just make a huge investment by investing in fibre optic cables?  Don’t their gas stations make huge profits? Did not his family invest in the juice industry by acquiring the Big-H Juice Factory? The type of moves that Johnny and his family have being making with their various business investments, don’t reflect the things that he has been saying publicly.

Johnny often boasts that BUSINESS is his FORTE. By that we assume that he meant that he is good at business. So how can he as a person who’s FORTE is BUSINESS is making huge investments even though the business environment is unstable? If the business environment were unstable, Johnny and his family would not have been making the type of investments they have made over the last 10 years. Under the present UDP Government Johnny has made more investments than under a PUP government. Johnny doesn’t need to measure economic activity based solely on his and his family’s business ventures. He can speak to his PUP Business Colleagues like the Musas who own Brodies or Senator Bacon from Southside Meats or his friend Ashcroft who owns the Belize Bank. We are sure that they will all say that business is good for them too. Johnny needs to realize that Belizeans are paying attention and no longer listening to just lip service. He needs to now prepare for what comes after he leads his party into one of the worst defeats in their history. No grandstanding and negativity will prevent the trashing that he and his party will receive on March 7th. Johnny’s days as LEADER are coming to end, the hawks and vultures are flying overhead getting ready to feast on Johnny.