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Thursday, 04 January 2018 00:00

Over the long, 4-day, Christmas weekend, there were three homicides; two of the victims are being treated as a murder, and the third police aren’t so sure of.

The first one happened on Christmas Day, December 25, on the Placencia Peninsula, and the victim was 20 year-old Carlos Jackson.

Jackson, an assistant chef at the Rumfish Y Vino Restaurant, was reportedly out socializing at a night club after a long-day’s work on Christmas Eve. It is uncertain what exactly happen but his friends, family and co-workers told the press that the night of celebration was going well until sometime in the early morning hours of Christmas Day. Someone slashed his throat after he left the establishment he was socializing at.

His family and co-workers don’t have the slightest idea why his killer took his life because from their perspective, he was a hardworking and ambitious young man who reportedly had a pleasant personality to work alongside. His family is from Punta Gorda, and he was working at Rumfish for about 6 months.

The other case where police have no doubts is the Roaring Creek killing of 26 year-old Errol Gabourel Smith. He was found at the end of the holiday, on the riverside in the village, in the area known as “Y-Wam”. In the early daylight hours of Wednesday, December 27, visitors to the riverside found his body floating near the bank. Police were called in, and they observed that he had a gunshot wound to the head. It is believed that he may have gone to that location earlier that morning before daybreak.

His family says Gabourel was a parolee who was following the program carefully so that he wouldn’t have to return to prison for an aggravated assault conviction that he served time for. His grandmother told the press that he was set up by companions to take the fall for that crime that he didn’t commit, and so, after he was released, he was very careful about how he conducted himself in public. Apart from that prison sentence, his family claims that he never had any other encounter with the law.

Again, no arrests have been made as yet, but police have said that their main suspect has been detained by Corozal Police. It was asserted that he would be transferred from Corozal to Belmopan police for them to investigate him for Gabourel’s shooting murder.

And the final case that they have reason to question whether it was murder or suicide, is the unusual death of Kimberley Stephens, a 55 year-old American national who lived between Belize’s Placencia Peninsula and Washington.

Her body was discovered on the afternoon of Saturday, December 23, in some bushes off the Placencia Road. The cops found her inside a rented vehicle with a cable around her neck. An onsite post-mortem determined that she died of strangulation by ligature, meaning that the cable restricted her airway, and she suffocated to death. The cops have reason to suspect that the strangulation was self-inflicted, though some of her friends on the peninsula strongly believe that someone else choked her to death, an act of cold-blooded murder. Police’s opinion on that strongly differs, and at this time, her case is being treated as a death investigation.