The drowning Johnny is clutching at straws! Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 04 January 2018 00:00

Politically Johnny is in very deep trouble.  PM Dean Oliver Barrow and the UDP have transformed Belize into a shining Jewel.  The tiny amount of work that George Cadle Guatemala Price and big thief Musa did in 50 long painful years pales in comparison to the vast amount of good work that we have seen since 2008!  Indeed, the ‘wuthliss,’ thieving, lying, disingenuous PUPs are complaining about infrastructure!  Smooth roads, highways and streets that make walking, riding and driving much easier is not pleasing to the PUPs.  New, functional, beautiful sporting complexes for our youths and athletes are not pleasing to the PUPs. Big new buildings and bridges that enhance our lifestyles are not pleasing to the PUPs. Speedy and effective drainage because of new drains, improved culverts and canals are not pleasing to the PUPs.  Larger enhance parking spaces are not pleasing to the PUPs. No sir, the big thieving PUPs prefer old ugly dilapidated unpainted buildings (example Price’s house on Pickstock Street and the leaning Independence houses at mile 4 on the Northern Rd.). The PUPs prefer the old, non-functional Civic Center that was really just an oven built by thieving Courtenay.  The PUPs prefer the drains and canals to be used as stinking open sewers.  The PUPs prefer to close schools like Belize Technical College rather than provide job opportunities for our youths.  The PUPs prefer to cash-in baby education vouchers rather than send each and every student to school. But, this essay is not about generic PUP; it’s about a drowning man and the ‘wuthliss’ straws around him.

Politically, Johnny is very, very weak.  He is under severe threat by Kareem, who has made efforts to take his head!  Do not lose the Municipals Johnny or the wolves will surely bite! In desperation Squeaky has turned to ‘wuthliss’ straws: Nembhard, Cordel, weedy Mahler and Courtenay to save his hide!  Well, let me refresh your memory- 1). NEWS 5 July 13, 2011 “Winston not smiling about money owed by Steve.” 2). 7NEWS December 1, 2004 The Auditor General found that: “the initial exercise…revealed whereby some 1,337 individuals who were not registered students...received financial assistance totaling some 666 thousand, 192 dollars during the period April 2001 to March 2003.” Cordel Hyde, Minister of Education [February 2003] said: “If there is any wrongdoing, if it comes out that there are improprieties then let the chips fall where they may.” 3). 7NEWS April 15, 2011 “Joe Coye…lashed out against the party establishment and its new Golden Boy, Anthony Mahler.” 4). The name Courtenay comes up like a very bad penny in too many ways: Defender of Price at court; suggesting ceding land to Guatemala; pocketing of the PEOPLES’ $3.34 million from SSB; loyal Aschroft slave seeking $90.6 million from poor, innocent, roots Belizeans (90,600,000/201,632voters = $449.33 taken from each voter); fool talker about “part of [Sarstoon Island] is in Guatemalan territory;” fool talker about “territorial EEZ.”  Courtenay, slave and fool, is a real danger to Belize!

Beware the Ides of March clueless, squeaky voice Johnny!  Kareem y su lobos are busy sharpening Jambiya fangs! I guarantee you that the Belizean Voters have absolutely no faith or trust in the likes of Nembhard, Hyde, Mahler, Courtenay or the PUP - they are bad for Belize! Big, bad Criminal Gang! No Belizean Voter wants the likes of Musa, Fonseca, Courtenay…to hurt the Jewel, again.  No Belizean Voter can put any faith, hope, trust or confidence in the ‘wuthliss’ thieving, lying PUP. Down with sell-outs, superbond, crooked deals, secret contracts and PUP corruption! The time to save Belize is on election day, down with the PUP…