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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

At the last House Meeting, held on Friday, January 5, Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduce the appropriation bill for 90.6 million dollars. If it passes, this bill would satisfy the UHS judgment which the Caribbean Court of Justice rendered against Belize, and in the favor of the Ashcroft Alliance. So, while Belizean taxpayers will take a major hit, if that bill passes, so little is known about the players within the past PUP Government under Said Musa, and what they did to make this betrayal possible.

So, the Prime Minister has agreed with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize that a Commission of Inquiry into the Universal Health Service saga will take place. It was first announced on December 13, by the NTUCB via a press release.

Prime Minister Barrow confirmed it after last week Friday’s House meeting when he was asked about it. He said that at this time, he’s waiting on the NTUCB to put together a draft of the terms of reference for the inquiry.

He was asked about what questions he wanted answers to, he said, “There is so little we know. The headline questions of secrecy, deliberate concealment, what the rate of interest was… How it is that the Taiwan money was paid? How it is that the Venezuela money, which was eventually clawed back, was paid? How comes when that happened, there appeared to have been a point at which the debt was cleared off…That’s the sort of thing that I think Belizeans want to know. And then, ultimately, how in the name of creation, can it be that at the end of the day, the government has nothing to show?”

Now, readers may be exhausted with these types of public hearings, since, the Senate Hearings on Immigration only just finished a few days into December. It was an expensive exercise that spanned 13 months, but, this pending Commission of Inquiry is just as important, since nobody wants to accept blame for what happened.

This way, Belizeans get to make up their minds about who is responsible for this 90 million dollar public debt.