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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

Roy ‘Bullet’ Craig has come under fire for accusations against him where a 16 year old boy alleged that Bullet had sexually assaulted him. Since the allegations surfaced and his charges on Monday of this week, Craig says his life has been turned upside down. In an effort to mitigate the damage done to him he visited the Guardian to clear his name.

Speaking plainly, Craig admitted to having contact with the young man who made the allegations. He stated that he was at the Yabra basketball court where he usually frequents to have young men play what he calls ‘shots’. In the game he pays the young men for shooting basketball shots which they score on. He said it was no different on Thursday January 4 when he went to Yabra. The difference he says is that after the game the 16 year old asked him to accompany him in his cab. While bullet says he originally resisted the request, he ended up taking the young man. All along Craig says he insisted that the young man go home but he refused.

He ended up going to Honey Hotel located on Dolphin Drive in Belize City and the young man continued in his company. Bullet says that his going to the hotel is routine for him. On this occasion the young man was in his company and Craig says he locked him out of the car. But Craig says the young man would not stay out and followed him into the room. Minutes after his arrival police came knocking. They found Craig nude in the room and the young man was clothed.

The ordeal has brought a firestorm of problems for Craig. He says that the owner of the cab he rented will not rent it to him any more and when he moves around in Belize city he is subjected to insults. He says that he’s never been known to have sexual relations with men and in particular not young men. He added that he is not even sexually active and for him to do so he’d have to have the aid of some drug.

Now all Bullet asks for is for his story to be believed.