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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

A working team from Belmopan Police continues to invest in our common future. In a ceremony on Saturday, 200 young people became certified members of the Belmopan Police Cadet Corp. The award ceremony was followed by a luncheon with cadets and parents.

“We have come a long way from nine when I became commander to 227 total now,” reports Howell Gillet, Commander of Belmopan police.

“Our records show that all the young people who are engaged with the Bmp(sic) police have never committed any serious infringement of the laws. This tells us that we are moving in the right direction.”

Members of Belmopan Police are highly appreciative of   the cadets, their parents, sponsors and all police officers involved in making the cadets more involved and productive.

Online information on the Belizean youth cadets show that Sergeant Gilbert Pitts and a few other friends who lived and worked in the then Police Force, forerunner to the Police Department, founded the Police Youth Service Corp in Belize City, Belize in 1994.

Both females and males are now members of the PYSC, which covers all ten key areas of the country.

The Police Youth Service Corp (PYSC) and the Belize Defense Force Cadets were joined after a meeting at ministerial level with the commanders of the Belize Police Department and the Belize Defense Force.

On amalgamation day in 1998, the Police Youth Service Corp (PYSC) and the Belize Defense Force Cadets ceased to exist and the Belize Police Youth Cadet Corp (BPYCC) came into existence and was registered as a national organization of youths under the guidance of the Belize Police Department.

The goal of the BPYCC is to build self-esteem, personal growth and strong character in the Cadets behavior while they practice good values, hard work, sportsmanship, perseverance, compassion, respect, responsibility, and honesty. BPYCC attempts to develop these qualities. It builds a good moral and ethical foundation for youths. Developing leadership skills, respect for families, and assisting elders are also part of their goals. The BPYCC fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated for people of all ages, all abilities, and all income.

With a majority of our population being youthful, these could very well bolster the ranks of the cadets countrywide. Activities for the youth cadets in San Ignacio are still fledgling, but community police officers say that in 2018 they will be gearing up to strengthen the cadets there.