Hon. Rene Montero responds to Orlando Habet on Calla Creek hammock bridge Print E-mail
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

Let the record of the Ministry of Works speak for itself. My team and I believe in showing progress of the unprecedented works taking place within our area; hence, I have not answered or replied to any comment concerning the new hammock bridge being built at branch mouth.

Main fact; The contract for the construction of the Branch Mouth and Calla Creek Hammock bridges is contracted to be completed on the 15th of January, 2018. Meaning, the bridge is NOT yet completed.

Fact; Against advice from the contractor, residents have begun using the incomplete bridge to gain access to and from Santa Familia Village.

Fact; the contractor is, of course, under contract. Meaning, it is his contractual obligation to ensure the safety and high quality construction of said bridge.

Fact; the Ministry of Works who is the supervisory body for the construction of any bridge within the country has not signed off on said bridge. Meaning, the Ministry will not give the all clear on any sub-standard work.

Fact; of the numerous infrastructure works under the watchful eyes of the Ministry of Works, none can be said to be of dissatisfaction of the residents immediately affected by such works.

Fact; The Ministry will ensure that before signing off on said bridge everything is up to code and standards as is expected by our team of engineers.

Fact; election is less than two months away so expect this to be silly season on the part of failed opposition politicians who have never and will never do anything for their constituency.

With regards to the other statement made by the opposition “prophet of doom” in Cayo Northeast. His government gave a multi-million dollar, EXTREMELY bloated contract to Karim Adle Sr. for, I dare to even call it, paving of the Bullet Tree Road. This contract was so bloated, when examined side by side to contracts awarded today, under the leadership of this Ministry of Works, we could have paved all the way through the villages to Spanish Lookout and still have a surplus of funds to bring all those rural villages, in that immediate area, online with all the necessary utilities.

Speaking directly to said, “Doom and Gloom” representative wishing to paint a picture of stagnant muddy waters within his own constituency. A constituency where he has failed and failed miserably to better off the lives of his constituents. It is my pleasure to paint the true picture without glitz and glamour. A major infrastructure project is underway to replace the Baking Pot Ferry with a new state of the art bridge complete with paving of both approaches from the George Price Highway to the bridge in Billy White Village. A Belizean owned company, M&M Engineering, is tasked with the design phase followed by the feasibility study which will be conducted by NARCO Engineering Consultants of Kuwait. This project will be funded by OFID from the OPEC Fund for international Development. Funds for said project have already been secured, because of trust in our Government these funding agencies believe in the massive developments undertaken, which is a complete contrast from when the PUP held office and no one wanted to do business with them.

What does these unprecedented projects mean for residents of both Cayo Central and Cayo Northeast? No more headaches over flooding and how to get in and out from your villages, unhindered access to your agriculture products and more business opportunities for your villages.

Did you know Mr. “Gloom” that this UDP Government is the one who brought electricity to Los Tambos. Kindly inform your constituency that the road works taking place within Los Tambos is due to a direct effect of the leadership from the Ministry of Works and not as a result of your failed lobbying skills.

Let it also be known to residents of Cayo Northeast, that every single street being fixed in San Ignacio is not because of you but because of the proven leadership of Mayor Earl Trapp Jr.

But like I have mentioned, I am not one to bicker on Facebook, let the record of the Ministry of Works speak for itself.