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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

For years now, Belizeans have long observed the unbridled actions of the Ashcroft Alliance through its many companies, shell companies, and so-called charities, as they have mercilessly extended their parasitic tentacles throughout the Belizean economy while constantly and unapologetically extracting their pound of flesh and blood.  It was not until this UDP government came to office, under the leadership of the Right Honorable Dean Barrow, that Belize finally managed to stand up to this unholy alliance and put the brakes on the fleecing of the public trough.

We have also seen over the years how Ashcroft and his minions have profiteered off BTL, the most successful and profitable company in Belize, exporting tens of millions of dollars abroad through a multitude of companies, entities and charities, while at the same time resisting or all but refusing to pay their taxes.  All of this wanton hustling was possible thanks to collusion as facilitated by numerous successive PUP governments through weapons such as the unconscionable Accommodation Agreement and the shockingly immoral, horrifying, reprehensible and unconceivable UHS guarantee and its resulting loan note, just to name two.  This alliance has no honor and obviously has no love for the people of Belize, despite the alleged charities to help the people of Belize that exist in name only.

It was this wicked alliance who, when the CCJ was about to make a ruling on the BTL compensation in 2015, came crawling to the government and made overtures and offered to settle the matter, knowing that the CCJ had already condemned the Accommodation Agreement in its “malignant tumors” judgement.  Most likely, there would have been no compensation related to that portion of the settlement that became known as the restricted portion that was to go to the “charities” for the benefit of the Belizean people.  Unfortunately, the Ashcroft Alliance proved itself to have no honor, to be untrustworthy and to be so despicable by wiggling and twisting through whatever legal loopholes it could scrounge to claw back as much of those BTL settlement funds that were to benefit Belize and its people.   Clearly, these “charities” will continue to be charities in name only.

It is truly amazing but not surprising that someone with the wealth of Ashcroft to the tune of billions of dollars, that is “billion with a B”, could choose to try and take such advantage of a small country like Belize.  All to what end?  None of us can take it with us when we go.  Just some time ago, we heard that the chap was gravely ill and it was touch and go for a while.  Some may think that it is his money that saved him through the acquisition of the best medical help available.  However, it is more truly thanks to the grace of God that he made it through.  The question is what exactly does he plan to do with all this money that he is trying to squeeze out of a poor small country?  Obviously, if he had a different perspective and attitude, he could have been the modern-day Baron Bliss instead of being reviled by the overwhelming majority of the country’s citizens.

We have also witnessed how highly-paid PUP attorneys have been falling over themselves to assist the Ashcroft Alliance in waging its war in the courts against the government and people of Belize.  These high-priced PUP attorneys never left any doubt that they were squarely placed as key players in the middle of the Ashcroft Alliance.  However, the party itself was always able to play this game of musical chairs, pretending that they were not a part of this alliance.  However, with the last CCJ judgement that put the PUP’s UHS scandal clearly back at the center of national attention, there is no escaping it this time and there is no wiggle room to dance around the issue.  What is increasingly becoming clear, based on pronouncements from the leaders of the PUP that Belize must pay the UHS bill, is that they too are unarguably key elements of this infamous Ashcroft Alliance.

However, it does not stop there as we see other entities exposing themselves and showing their true colors (perhaps blue?) as surprisingly apparent yet unequivocal de facto members of this sleazy Ashcroft Alliance.  We now hear representatives of the BNTU, the Chamber and others inexplicably changing their positions and now pontificating and insisting that Belize must pay this immoral, unaffordable and crippling bill which is at total contrast to their views and actions in the not too distant past.  Sad!  Belizeans are closely watching and will remember who stood up for them and who caved in and joined the sordid alliance.