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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

On Tuesday night for about two hours most of the country was UNITED  and praying for God’s protection. There appeared to be a Tsunami lurking out in the Caribbean Sea and getting ready to come onshore in Belize. The alarm was sounded around 8:55 PM, which was a few minutes after a very strong TREMOR was felt all across the nation of Belize. That tremor was caused by an EARTHQUAKE that was centered beneath the sea near neighbouring Swan Island, in Honduras. The Tsunami Warning was sent out from the Tsunami Center in the USA and transmitted to us through our own NEMO by Minister Edmond Castro , who is the minister with responsibility for NEMO. A part of and perhaps the most important part of emergency and disaster management is the timely transmission of information to the public before, during and after the emergency or disaster. The Minister and the team at NEMO were on the ball. They were quick and were able to become activated within a matter of minutes. All the ON AIR MEDIA HOUSES were on board too. In many cases it was the OWNERS and SENIOR EXECUTIVES who took to the airwaves to pass the information to the public.

Most of us were tuned in and some of us were willing to help our neighbours by allowing them to shelter at our homes,  in instances where we lived on a second floor or above. NEMO through its various City and  District Organizations (CEMOs and DEMOs) made arrangements and opened shelters. Those shelters were the same ones that are usually used as Hurricane Shelters. In Belize City Deputy Prime Minister who is the Minister of Education, Youth , Sports and Culture made the decision and passed on the directive that the MARION JONES SPORTS COMPLEX and the NEWLY COMPLETED BELIZE CIVIC CENTER be opened as a shelter. Those two buildings were capable of housing thousands of BELIZEANS. We must say thank you to the government for its vision to first, build those structures and to allow them to be used as shelters. In the end even though some persons had actually gone to the shelters, THANKFULLY there was no tsunami and residents went back to their homes after the tsunami warnings were called off  by the TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER in conjunction with our very own NEMO.

However we are sad to report that much of that love and support for each other stopped soon after the warning was lifted. Many people took to Facebook which is their favorite soapbox, to spew venom and hate towards each other. They started to blame others for the Earthquake and the Tsunami threat, saying that it was GOD’S way of punishing us in Belize. Some mentioned names even suggesting that the TSUNAMI should have occurred to wash away those persons that they blamed. We need to ask how people could have so much hate in their hearts toward others. In particular we ask this of persons who call themselves PASTORS?  Perhaps Louis Wade who seems to have the answer for everything, could answer that one for us.