“A MOST DIABOLICAL INSTANCE OF PUP ABUSE” in Amandala Editorial of Jan 9, 2018 Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

The minute Kareem got up and tried to whitewash the very bad behavior of his father, I announced to my friends, gathered to listen to the House Meeting; that all hell would break loose!  It is the BELIZEAN VOTERS who “condemn the securing of a loan by way of a [SECRET] sovereign government guarantee!” How could he have left out that all important word: SECRET? How could he not see that he was opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box? No sane person would walk up to the nest of ‘hamadilli’ wasps and start whacking away… Warrior Wasps do NOT play! The Amandala Editor continues:” It’s a challenge but also an opportunity to finally and dramatically show themselves as breaking from the old mold…and agents that got them into so much trouble…”  I interpret that to mean that some PUPs MUST be ready to DUMP Musa and Fonseca – X wants Musa, Fonseca and their cronies out! That is the crystal clear message. He has dropped all support for BPP, VIP, TPP, Third Party, etcetera in preference for a Cordel Hyde PUP.

On page 9 Colin Hyde wrote:” The UDP is clearly in the right when they said in the House on Friday that the PUP was wrong to declare that BTL getting a sovereign guarantee for a loan the company was getting from Taiwan, was similar to the PUP providing a sovereign guarantee for a private group of investors (UHS) so they could get a loan from the Belize Bank.” The circumstances are as different as night is to day!  The darkness of SECRECY was used to hide the shameful, horrific, malignant, nefarious, hurtful, obscene terms, profit and rate of interest offered to the devil! Papa Musa said: “Whatever I did I always acknowledge my commitments. Secondly, the whole thing about BTL and the problems we had it is because I was fighting Michael Ashcroft not giving in to him.” Musa really thinks that we the Voters of Belize are stupid! His “commitments” were to BELIZE!  The question on the table has to do with honesty, leadership, loyalty, duty, trust, responsibility, credibility, truth… This Nation and its People expected him to protect us by fighting a good fight!  Ewen MacAskill wrote in the UK Guardian on Nov. 6, 2017 about fighting Michael Ashcroft:” Labour has called for the tax office to investigate…” Obviously Said could use some pointers from Labour and from our own Rt. Hon. Dr. Manuel Esquivel who fought to protect BTL and the Golden Share! Said (PUP) failed miserably! Bold as brass Kareem boasted:” I don’t really care…”  That is true; they have no love for the Jewel or for Belizeans! VOTERS beware of Musa! Beware of Fonseca! Beware of Hyde! Beware of the PUP, remember their deeds…

What condemns Johnny is his statement:” This government has criticized us because we gave a sovereign guarantee regardless in what circumstances…”  As I went through pains to explain above, it is all about the CIRCUMSTANCES! His statement proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that X is wrong.   There is NO section of the PUP that is better that the Musa/Fonseca faction.   It is just one big Criminal Gang, as crooked as corkscrews! Cordel, Julius, Johnny, Musa, Fonseca, Espat… they are desperate to get back in power to steal from the People in the very same way that they did before.   There will be no money left for housing, villages, towns, cities, water services expansion, electrification, countrywide Broadband, telephone, streets, roads , highways, drains, scholarships, schools, colleges, university, libraries, canals, drains, bridges, feeding programs, sporting facilities, healthcare, shipping ports, airports, transportation, agricultural loans, development loans… Then they will hide behind secrets and lies! The best time to protect and defend the Jewel is on Election Day! The best way to protect and defend Belize is to NOT vote for the PUP! We still have not recovered from SuperBond Ralph & Said….