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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

Have you noticed that the two of the British Peer’s remaining cash cows in Belize tend to still be living in the PUP past when he literally owned the country? Look at their business mottos. “Our country, your bank” and “Smart a run the nation”. Well, I have a little joke to share about “Smart!” and the jingle in its ad where it mentions running our country. This is not being personal or critical, since I think the said company is professionally run and is a reliable provider of telecommunication services.

The other night a neighbor came to my little shop with his grandson and they hung around a little during the evening news broadcast. When the Smart jingle came on, the young boy started to sing along loudly with the ad, only he sang what he thought were the words in the  tinkle, “we no want your man” instead of  the words “we no want your plan”. Everybody laughed, since it is so fitting to tell Miguel Ashcroft that Belizeans no want his man to lead our country again, ever.  This foreigner, with the full support and acquiescence of the then PUP Cabinet raped and pillaged our country mercilessly.  As to Musa and his patriotic claim to have   “fought” Ashcroft tooth and nail during his Administration; we   wonder how much more property and $millions Miguel would have reaped if the former Prime Minister would not have “fought” el Limon.

That same evening another neighbor sat beside me to chat about the upcoming municipal elections. He craftily asked how I thought things would play out, before he offered his own take on things. I maintained my original hunch that it will be 61/7 for the UDP. He said no way, since PG and Dangriga will return to their traditional Blue preference.  Then the conversation took a weird turn; he claims that Belize City will be a battleground and that the City Council will be a split one. He grudgingly conceded that the PUP has no chance in Belmopan, Corozal, Cayo, or Benque. He claimed that San Pedro still has loyalty to Ms. Patty Arceo and will more than likely go Blue.  I asked him why he was making those wild predictions and he admitted he did not want to see Johnny lose his position as PUP Party Leader. I confided in him that myself being a fellow Orangewalkeño and from “out-district”, and considering the alternatives the PUP has to offer in leadership material I would not want to see Johnny lose his post either,  I will not make any irresponsible statement that the PUP will never win a General election again. Remember, when we take a chance, any number can play, you know. But this should not allow lofty dreams at this time to occupy space in our small brains.  The wounds of 1998-2008 are too fresh and are still bleeding.

Back to the municipals, I admit that I have no direct link-ups with  UDP executives in PG, Stann Creek, or San Pedro and I can only speculate from feedback I  get from persons living in these places or have relatives  living there; and from what I  have gathered from these sources , said municipalities are leaning Red. I have mentioned in the past that I was born and raised in OW, and I know when the UDP is robust in my town. Right now the Party’s presence is not pronounced, nobody’s fault, mind you, just that Briceño is very strong in OW Central which constitutes 50% of the municipal votes. I understand that the UDP is concentrating efforts and resources in the East, which is a good strategy, since the East can easily overturn Central’s large majority. But the third voting bloc, Otro Benque, has taken a UDP hit with Gapi’s departure and we are seeing some solid red families seeking refuge with Johnny.  I tell you, there are some people that need to be pampered and suckled with freebies all year round and they stab you in the butt the minute the honey stops flowing. But they still accepted the bloody ham on Christmas Eve which Phillip and his squad was sharing with constituents. I give Phillip and his team high regards, since they always look pleasant and cheerful despite the major challenge they are facing.