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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Wendy Yasmira Castro Escobar, 26, a pregnant Guatemalan woman was formally arrested and charged on Saturday, January 13, 2018 for the offense of obtaining a birth certificate under false pretense.

The accused is yet to be arraigned as her attorney, Arthur Saldivar visited the police station in San Ignacio on Sunday January 14 along with Belmopan Dr. Howe to visit the detainee who told them that her back was aching her. She was taken to the San Ignacio community hospital and was admitted where she remains under Police guard. Police say that she will appear in court as soon as she is released from the hospital.

San Ignacio police became involved in an investigation in which a Guatemalan woman attempted to secure a Social Security Card with the use of a fake birth paper.

Acting on information received on Friday January 12, police visited the Social Security Branch office in Santa Elena Town, Cayo where they found 26 year old Guatemalan, Wendy Yasmira Castro Escobar attempting to get a Social Security Card using a fraudulent Belizean Birth Certificate. Castro was found in possession of a Guatemalan passport indicating that she was born in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala. An official from the Vital Statistics office reportedly informed that the birth certificate wad issued in error. Investigations by the Guardian indicate that the woman got a baptismal paper under her name in Dangriga. That document too appears to have been fake as checks suggests that the number which it bears belongs to a completely different person.

Armed with the baptismal paper, the woman sought to apply for what is known as late registration of birth and secured the birth paper thereafter. It is with that document that she then used in the attempt to get the Social Security card. It was only as a result of an alert clerk at the Social Security Branch Office that the process was halted. Information to the Guardian is that a couple years ago the same woman unsuccessfully attempted to get a Social Security Card using a Guatemalan Birth paper.

What is most concerning about the whole situation is that fully cognizant that the woman had attempted to get a Social card by illegal means, the PUP’s Luke Espat for whom the woman works as a housekeeper, and Nelson Tillett, a PUP operative as well as Michel Chebat, the PUP standard bearer for Cayo North, attempted to have the woman hastily released. This attempt was unsuccessful as the woman, according to police, posed a major flight risk given that she is not a Belizean.

Chebat has since come out publicly pretending to have cared for the woman’s well being because she was pregnant.  What he did not say was that on multiple occasions he sat in on the commission of inquiry into the immigration department pretending to care that Belizean Visas and Passports were issued fraudulently. Now here you have a situation where the source document for a person to be recognized as a Belizean is issued illegally to an individual and Michel Chebat is one of the first to jump to defend the matter, allegedly instructing the detainee to remain silent instead of assisting the police to get to the very bottom of this fraudulent conspiracy. It just proves that the entire Senate Select Committee was nothing more than a means by which the PUP attempted to grandstand on the issue when in reality they were not concerned on fixing the problem.