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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

The PUP had put her out as some kind of whistleblower who was intimately involved in the immigration hustle. Alvarene Burgess even testified that she was actually one of the agents who would secure all manner of immigration documents if she was paid enough. Now it seems that with the immigration hustle coming to and end, she has had to find another means of making a living and apparently she has turned to contraband.

On Saturday January 13th, police conducted a check point in Pomona village where they encountered a silver KIA Sorento SUV. Upon seeing the checkpoint, the SUV which did not have on plates, ran the check point. Police set chase and caught up with it shortly thereafter. A search of the vehicle was then conducted and inside they found Alvarine Georgia Burgess, 50 year old of Mango Creek along with 41 year old Milton Palacio also of Mango Creek. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of ( 4 ) 3L Cola, (50) cartons of Marvel Cigarettes , (10) cartons of Royal Pacific Cigarettes , (6) cartons Golden Deer Cigarettes, (6) Cartons of Black and Gold Cigarettes, (4) Cartons of Pine Green Cigarettes ,(1) carton of Filter Marvel Cigarettes, (2) Cases of bottle Corona beer (1) liter bottle of Ciroc, (1) quart of Black Label, (10) packs of Cappy chips, and (24) packs of Ranchilitas Chips. Both persons were escorted to Dangriga Police Station and handed over to Customs Department.

As is the norm in these cases and assessment of the value of the products after which Burgess or Palacio whoever owns up to the goods will be fined.

This is not the first time that Burgess has been caught with contraband. In fact she was caught and fined before. That fine as we understand, is still not yet paid up and she is again caught. Information to the Guardian is that Burgess is a major supplier of contraband products in the southern part of the country. She is always seen flaunting her products which include beer at almost every event where she is found.