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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Alfredo Cowo, a 26 year-old resident of San Pedro, was murdered in Central Park in the heart of the island in the downtown area. He made headlines in April of 2017 as one of several victims injured in a wild police shooting in the very same park where he was executed.

Police say that at around 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, they visited the emergency section of the San Pedro Poly Clinic. There, they saw Cowo suffering from a gunshot wound to the right side of the chest. Their initial investigation has revealed that Cowo and his pregnant girlfriend were sitting on a golf cart, in front of Jaguars Night Club on Barrier Reef Drive, when they were approached by a gunman who fired several shots at him,  injuring him once.

His brother told the press that he understands from Cowo’s scared girlfriend that they were sitting on the golf cart watching a video on a phone. Both of them had their heads down, focusing on that, and so they didn’t see when the gunman approached. He reportedly opened fire injuring Cowo only, who tried to take cover. After he was injured, his girlfriend reportedly jumped on top of him to try to protect him from any other gunshot injuries, fortunately, the gun snapped. The shooter put the gun to Cowo’s head, but it would not fire, and that protected both him and his girlfriend from any other gunshot injuries.  His girlfriend escaped completely unharmed, but traumatized by the entire ordeal.

Cowo was later transported from the San Pedro Poly Clinic to the KHMH, where he succumbed to his injury a short while later.

At this time, it is unknown why Cowo was targeted for this execution. His family insists that as a fisherman, he had no disagreements or personal problems with anybody on the island. His brother, George Cowo, told the media that they got along with everybody there.

Cowo told the press, “Usually we don’t have any problems with anybody, because everybody know us, and everybody know that we are fishermen. And everybody greet us. Everybody is good with us.”

Only just last week, Alfredo Cowo told Channel 5 News in a phone interview that he was being threatened. Back in April 2017, it was caught on camera when both officers were behaving lawless and excessive. Cellular phone footage showed them manhandling a subdued woman, and then one of the officers was seen discharging a service firearm recklessly to disperse an angry crowd, who were incensed by the woman’s treatment.

Alfredo Cowo was one of the complainants who was injured in that shooting incident because the fragments of the bullets injured his leg. He was disappointed with the questionable conclusion of that case last week. The Magistrate dismissed it and freed both officers because the police prosecutor in charge of the case did not show up for the first day of trial.

Cowo told Channel 5 that he was receiving threats in the streets that there would be payback for his involvement as complainant in that case. A week later, he was killed in the same location where he was shot. Police say that at this time, their investigation is in its infancy, but there is absolutely no evidence at this time, that Cowo’s murder is in anyway connected to his shooting back in April 2017, as one of those persons injured in that police incident.

Alfredo Cowo leaves behind several children, and one on the way.