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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Both Belmopan Police and the Department of Agriculture continued this week to support agricultural projects in Schools. Thanks to a 00.00 grant from the Taiwanese Government, the Methodist High School, Garden City Primary and San Martin Government School in Belmopan continue to reap the benefits from growing crops.

It all started when Howell Gillett, Commander of Belmopan Police began to notice the plight of students at a particular school in Belmopan where they were not receiving their morning and sometime midday meal.

“We knew we had to something about it, if we don’t look to the young people now we cannot guarantee their outcome,” says Superintendent Howell Gillett.

“No kid should go to bed without a meal.”

Today the Belmopan Police in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture are feeding 425 kids on a monthly basis. (Both San Cas and Recinos Imports have also been providing inputs into the feeding program.)  As a result they had to come up with ways to support the feeding program and so small gardens at participating schools became an option. It is a benefit to everyone as students show up even during holidays to water the plants.

Such garden activities are also useful for the young people; especially during vacations. Research done by Belmopan Police shows that during the Summer Break some 10,000 persons from pre-school to tertiary also go on holiday in the entire Belmopan and 12 surrounding villages. There are other added benefits to all these activities.

“Just the interaction between police and [that] turns them to law enforcement, if you are very often around police you will become a normal human being, we interact with youth from age eight to 15, it is better to start from a younger age, because if you wait until 15 you will have the street attitude,” says Howell Gillett.

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