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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

This situation with the PUP’s so called whistleblower Alvarine Burgess, being caught with contraband for yet another time is a BLOW to the PUP because now they can’t use any of their sound bites from the Special Select Senate Committee Hearings as a part of their ELECTION PROPAGANDA. Alvarine who was the PUP’s Poster Child for all things having to do with MORALITY, has been exposed for the world to see. She is now being seen as the dishonest person she was described to be by at least 3 witnesses   during their testimony before the Special Select Senate Committee. How will the PUP spin this Alvarine debacle now?  Which minister or UDP or DEAD PERSON will the PUP try to blame for Alvarine and her special friend being caught in a vehicle loaded with contraband? The PUP has been very silent on this one. If one were to listen to the silence over that side, one would believe either the PUP haven’t heard of Alvarine getting busted  or Alvarine did not get busted with contraband.

Alvarine getting busted with contraband could be seen as poetic justice because last June, when the Castro brothers along with 2 other persons,  were busted with some contraband beers, Burgess had quite a lot to say about that situation. We now wonder what she has to say about her own situation?   Will she now be saying the  same type of things about herself like  she had to say about the Castro brothers? The shoes are now on her feet and it is time for her to wear them and walk the perp walk. Besides Alvarine and the PUP we would also like to hear from the Chamber of Commerce, the NTUCB and the BPP . We want them to be as vocal as they were back when they praised her for purportedly being the whistleblower. They must in the same way now, condemn this latest contraband operation,  just like they did in the case of the Castro brothers . We will not however be here waiting on them to do so.  Already we’ve noticed, that the only interest being expressed is what will the Customs Department do with the contraband.

They seem not to be interested in the fact that Alvarine Burgess and Milton Palacio, were alleged to be the primary people dealing in contraband goods in the SOUTH OF THE COUNTY  and have been in effect breaking the law and destroying the livelihood of several local manufacturers and  producers. We wonder if they will say, ‘give POOR ALVARINE a break,’ because with her visa hustle closed down, she is going through hard times and contraband is her only means of survival? There is a question that we need to ask though and that is, will Alvarine and Palacio refuse to pay an out of court settlement if it is offered to them, or will they say they wish to face a trial with the full extent of the law bearing down on them and take their chance in court where there is the possibility of being given the maximum fine by the court?  “Speak ALVARINE SPEAK. WHAT SAY YOU NOW, WHISTLEBLOWER ?  “She needs to take under advisement, the fact that just last year when a man who was a repeat offender like herself was caught with just under half the value of what she was caught with the court LEVIED A FINE OF OVER $20,000 on him. Maybe her SPECIAL FRIEND can take the blame on this shipment and then settle out of court.