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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Every so often, on rare occasions DEVINE INTERVENTION forces the PUP, to speak the truth. However whenever those occasions arise, the truth does not paint PUP in a very positive light. This latest occurrence is the result of an attempt of try to get some sort of groundswell of support,  to propel the PUP into the Municipal Elections being held on  March, 7th. Johnny has planned a Parade and NATIONAL CONVENTION /RALLY, to be held in Belize City, some  10 days before those Municipal Elections are to take place. The plan is to rent a crowd from all across the country and bus them into Belize City, where they intend to have a parade followed by a rally, in an effort to try and create a facade that the PUP is popular and on its way back to the top. The event being planned will include the usual PUP SHINAIGANS, such as a host of top of the line Belizean artist and of course the old PUP STAPLE, “DALLA BEER.” However we need to remind the PUP  that not everyone is like Joe Coye, because although the people may get drunk on the DALLA BEER,  which we expect will eventually,  turn into FREE BEER,  those people will wake up sober the next day and they will go back to having utter disgust for the PUP and all it stands for.

There are several things that jump out at us concerning this event. The first being that the route of the parade from its start to its culmination will HIGHLIGHT the much HERALDED and APPRECIATED CEMENTED STREETS,  that were done by the present UDP City Council. That should be a plus for the UDP, who the PUP intend to unseat. And then the second, but more glaring thing that jumps out at us is how the PUP has equated themselves to a TSUNAMI that will sweep across the nation.  We have been doing our research on tsunamis because of the recent scare that we had last week, and based on what we have found so far, there is NOTHING GOOD that could come out of a tsunami. All our research has indicated one thing about tsunami and that is that a tsunami is all about destruction and demolition. Tsunamis destroys everything in their path. In other words a TSUNAMI is just like the PUP, all it does is to leave a path of destruction. So just like the threat,  of the possible tsunami last week put fear in the hearts of all Belizeans, so does the thought of the PUP coming back to power,  puts fear in the hearts of ALL BELIZEANS .