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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

Here at The Guardian, we have been listening to the foolishness the PUP has been pushing about how, “people can’t eat infrastructure or cement streets.” Well, let us clear the air on this issue. Sure, people can’t and won’t eat infrastructure or cement streets but those infrastructural works and cement streets, is the reason  why  many men and women are able to put food on their tables in order to feed themselves and their children. Many of these persons would not have been able to do so if it were not for the jobs they have working on the various infrastructure projects. These people are employed and doing for themselves and their families. They feel dignified and are no longer being forced to have to go to any politician’s office, be it UDP or PUP. We have heard about how people are treated at the offices of those mean PUP politicians. We’ve heard about the way people have been made to stand in line waiting for a measly handout and being grilled and question about which party their next-door neighbour is supporting before that is handed to them. Those honest salt of the earth Belizean men and women  can now boast that their dignities have been restored and they are honestly and proudly earning  their keep by working  and at the same time learning a skill.

Along with talking, that people can’t eat infrastructure or cement streets, here in Belize City for example the STILLBIRTH PUP CREW, has been saying that they will not be doing any infrastructural works if they are elected. Well, we had to do a little research to see if the present UDP City Admistration was doing anything wrong by doing infrastructural works. Below is what CAP. 85 Belize City Council SUBSTANTIVE LAWS OF BELIZE REVISED EDITION 2000. It states what are the duties and responsibilities of the Belize City Council according to sections 30 (C and D) of the said act. Below we have reproduced the content of the section for you the readers /voter/residents of Belize City to decide for yourselves.

“c) to construct, repair, alter, widen, lay out and make surveys for streets in Belize City, especially in new residential or commercial areas;

(d) to repair, cleanse and keep clean and in good repair, all or any part of the walls of any public drain, canal or creek in Belize City, but this duty shall not be construed as compelling the Council to cleanse any public drain, canal or creek at times when the public health would in the opinion of the Council be endangered by the operation.”

Now that we’ve placed it out there what are the duties of the Belize City Council, we hope that we won’t ever hear this PUP foolishness again about they won’t be doing any infrastructural works. The duties  and responsibilities of all the MUNICIPAL BODIES are laid out in the law in the same way as in the Belize City Council Act. Any other things that they may choose to do must only be done after they have accomplished there legal responsibilities and not before or as replacement of those responsibilities.  Anyone who claims that they won’t first do the things that they are mandated to do under the law does not deserve to be voted into any MUNICIPAL OFFICE.