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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

A few months ago, the Belize City Council received a donation of equipment as part of the Flood Mitigation Project, which was spearheaded by Councilor Philip Willoughby. While on a daily basis residents of the old capital can see the equipment on the ground doing its work, in the background, there is a new management system in place.

It’s called the Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS), which is an integrated system that will assist the council’s city planning arm better monitor and maintain infrastructure. Carla Patnett is the Belize City Council’s City Planner. She explained to The Guardian that the RMMS is integrated with three components including an inventory of everything that is out on the ground like streets, drains, sidewalks. Each has its particular measurement and is referenced to a GIS map. There is also an inventory of traffic signs, culverts, bridges and any other security items in the public domain, again all of them with a GIS reference.

The system also features a routine maintenance management program that was created for the maintenance of the city’s infrastructure. Under the system streets, drains, sidewalks and traffic signs are tracked as to their condition. With the information in the system, administrators can set up schedule for maintenance for all the infrastructure in the system along with all costs associated with it including cost of material, manpower and even equipment necessary for the works to be done.

Councilor Philip Willoughby says that there are countless applications to the program where additional information can be put into the system like abandoned lots, derelict houses, even lamp posts and whether or not they have lights on them. From there, a better more focused way of handling problems in various areas can be addressed in a more organized manner.