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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

An internationally-renowned career diplomat Magdalena Talamas delivered her parting tweet on Saturday of this weekend from the Organization of American States. In her tweet, she expressed having the privilege of working over the last decade in the Belize-Guatemala mediation process. Talamas also wrote that it was an honor having served as the first female Special Representative of the Secretary General. This message was almost immediately followed by a tweet from the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize Carlos Quesnel, who wished Talamas the best into the future at both the personal and professional level. It may be recalled that Magdalena Talamas was a significant figure in the tempering of Belize-Guatemala relations in 2016.

Ambassador Magdalena Talamas, Special Representative of the Organization of American States Secretary General for Belize-Guatemala Affairs and charged with responsibilities for the office of the OAS in the adjacency zone had met briefly at the Western Border with reporters on August 27th 2016. Ambassador Talamas reported then that she had travelled to both Belize and Guatemala to hand over a report of the Independent Commission, which had carried out an investigation of the incident that took place in the Adjacency Zone on April 20th of 2016 where a Guatemalan minor was killed.

In her remarks to The Guardian and other reporters,  she said:  “I would just like to say that the death of this Guatemalan boy was a very painful event, it was painful, very painful for the devastating event for his family, but also for the community, also for the Guatemalan people, for the Guatemalan authorities, for the OAS and also for Belize, and every time that a child is the victim of a tragic incident it brings the situation to a whole other level and for that reason the Secretary General [of the OAS] very quickly mobilized in order to create this Independent Commission so that a transparent and independent investigation could be conducted…”

In her brief report, Ambassador Talamas also informed that this Independent Commission of forensic experts will also be conducting investigations into the killing of Police Constable Danny Conorquie, which occurred in Caracol in 2014 and the attack on Belize Defense Force Sergeant Richard Lambey in March of 2016.

The incident with the Guatemalan child occurred 562 meters east of the border or Adjacency Line, that is well inside Belize.  It was established that the caliber 5.56 M4 carbine used by the BDF did not produce any injury on Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano, 14 nor any of the wounds in the father and brother of the deceased.