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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

On Monday night, we watched and listened with dropped jaws as Troy Grab said one of the strangest things we’ve ever heard being said on the BUSINESS HOUR. He said that the Government was involved with investors, who were into PONZI SCHEMES. He even went on to identify some projects and arrangements that he thought were PONZI Schemes. We found his pronouncement very strange, almost to the point of being a joke. We had to quickly check to see if it was really Troy saying those things. Our first question was: how in real life could this particular fellow be casting any such aspirations and lobbing stones? We needed to ask another question and it was: if he was the same gentleman, who was in charge at the Development Finance Cooperation (DFC), at the time when the said DFC was used as the source of funding to finance all sort of PONZI SCHEMES, that made many PUP insiders very rich? Our biggest question was though, if it were not so, why was it necessary to have a Commission of Inquiry, to investigate the activities at the DFC during the time when Troy was at its HELM?

Perhaps, he would like to explain the DFC’s involvement in the $9 million Mahogany Heights land deal with Abdul Hamze ; the $50 million “round-tripping” transaction the DFC made with the Belize Bank and the Government of Belize, and which Government later reversed after the IMF questioned its propriety; transactions involving Glenn Godfrey companies, including a $24 million guarantee the DFC board approved for Intelco; the $30 million Novelo loans; and some personal transactions CEO Gabb did with the DFC. We could go on with the list of get rich SCHEMES that took place using DFC funds when, he was there, but we don’t have space in one issue of this newspaper to do that.

Troy should be the very last person in this country to speak about PONZI SCHEMES. Maybe his LEADER, JOHNNY BRICENO, needs to pull him aside and whisper the famous, “BRING BACK THE MILLIONS SPEECH,” in his ear. Maybe Troy also needs to be reminded,  who are some of those MILLIONAIRES and where their millions came from . We would like to say to Troy, “you are treading on slippery slopes, be careful sir.” At times, when peoples names are called they start talking, we are wondering what these millionaires would start talking about if enough pressure were applied to them? Would they, for example, say who got what and how much was held in SECRET TRUST for whom? Time longer than rope and things have a way of showing up at some unexpected times. This country is a small place and people of this country are known as people who don’t keep secrets for too long. We don’t expect that any answers will be FORTHCOMING from Troy, because we know,  that perhaps he will have no recollection,  of what transpired back then , in the same manner,  that he had no recollection, when he was forced to appear before the DFC Commission of Inquiry.