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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

Police have detained five persons following the chopping death of two young women in the Toledo district.

The two women, identified to the press as 20 year-old Crecencia Oh, and her 18 year-old sister, Josefina Oh, were found dead on the outskirts of the Western Toledo Village of San Jose, some 8 miles away from their home. A still-unidentified killer brutally chopped the sisters to death and left them on the side of the main road.

Police say that some time around 11 p.m. on Sunday, January 20, they acted upon reports they received, and they visited an area on the road near to San Jose. On the shoulder, they found the partially nude bodies of the Oh sisters. According to the cops, they had “very huge chop wounds” to different parts of their bodies, injuries that claimed their lives right on the scene.

Speaking with the press about their murders, the Oh family, who lives about 10 miles away in the neighboring village of San Antonio, said that the girls went to San Jose for a church service. They got a ride to the church service from a “Mennonite” who owns a truck. The victims were in the company of other relatives, and after the service, they went to visit a brother who also lived in San Jose. The Oh sisters reportedly told their family members that they would try to get home on their own after visiting their brother. So, they missed the ride back home, and their other relatives informed their parents of their plans.

Residents of San Jose reported that they saw the young women walking through the village at around 6 p.m. The plan reportedly was that they would take a shortcut through Santa Cruz Village, which separates San Jose, where they died, and their home village of San Antonio. Their father, Teodoro Oh, went to Santa Cruz to look for them after he became concerned that they hadn’t arrived home.

They never made it, and no one knows why they became targets of an especially vicious attack. Their father believes that they were attacked while walking home. The double murder has shaken these communities, which are usually very quiet and peaceful.

The area where they were killed will also prove difficult for the police because the scene of the murder is approximately 20+ miles away from Punta Gorda Town, where their nearest police station is located. There are communication issues, since cellular service from the two telecommunications companies fluctuate from very poor, to virtually non-existent. The area access takes place by rural roads that are not in the best conditions, and the area is covered by bush, making it the ideal location to conceal crimes.

Nevertheless, the cops have expressed their commitment to trying to get the family justice for the murder of their loved ones. From the perspective of the Oh family, these two young women went on what was supposed to be a short trip to San Jose, and they were expected back home. Instead, their lives were taken needlessly and in a gruesome manner.