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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

Quincy Gentle, a 28 year-old Belize City resident, was shot and killed while he was on his way home on Wednesday night, January 17, 2018.

Police say that sometime around 11 p.m. they responded to reports of a shooting on Kelly Street. By that time, Gentle, the victim, had already been rushed to the KHMH, and they found him being treated for gunshot injuries to the chest and the stomach area.

Initial investigations are that Gentle was walking on his way to his Wilson Street home, when he reached the intersection between Kelly and Matron Roberts Streets, someone ambushed him. Reports are that he tried to flee, but he was injured by his assailant’s spray of gunfire. The attack happened in the near vicinity of his former workplace, Chon Saan Restaurant. Employees there told the press that he was in a panicked state, pleading to them for help after he was shot. So, one of the workers rushed him to the KHMH so that he could get medical assistance as quickly as possible. About 45 minutes or so later, he passed away while undergoing treatment.

Police are investigating the motive of Gentle’s killing, but at this time, they suspect that heightened gang tensions in the Northside area may be connected to it.

Assistant Police Superintendent, Alejandro Cowo told the press in a briefing, “The information that we have gathered so far is pointing us to a direction that it has to do some involvement with another previous shooting that had happened in that same area there… It is said that he belonged to one of the gangs on that side.”

Speaking with the press, his family insisted that he is not to be painted with the same brush as the gang affiliated friends that he used to associate with.

His sister commented, “My brother is not a really violent person. I never hear him kill anybody… And I know he’s been around with other friends and members or gangs or whatever, but he is not like that.”

She acknowledged that Quincy had past run-ins with the law, but she asserted that he made a change, got himself employed, and he was hanging out less and less on the street.

A year and 7 months ago, in July 2016, Quincy Gentle’s older brother, Giovanni, was also murdered. The two brothers were taken away from their family in a similar manner, and so Quincy’s murder opens old wounds for them.