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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

Cleghorn Street

Belize City

Jan 25, 2018

Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington

Belize National Assembly

My Competent Area Rep:

I pray that the New Year brings you, your family, the Jewel and every Belizean the very best!

I congratulate you; the PUPs cannot compare!  A simple word stupefied Mose. Dodo Cordel was wrong to use baby vouchers. With X it was denying Sep 10, 1798. Price was tricked by Guatemala. Believe me, the British and Hero Goldson were NOT wrong to choose the ICJ over bullets. When it comes to your work in the Pickstock Division, the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence is a shining star on the Southside! No ugly, rusty zinc fence. Gardening, Landscaping, Pantry Program, Community Kitchen, Tuck Shop, Sewing, Cabinetry, Driving School, Evening School, Music Program, Sporting…are just some of the excellent activities available to the citizens in our division and indeed the City/Country! Again, congratulations!  You prove by your brave, bold actions that you love Belize and Belizeans!

No edifice in the entire country can match the New Civic Center which is also in our division on the Southside!  The UDP Central Government and the Belize City Council has been working around the clock – and the fruits of their labor are plain for every VOTER to see: Completed Marion Jones Stadium; beautiful parks; improved street lighting; clean, flowing drains and canals; improved streets; better houses. Additionally, the Central Government has paid much attention to the Healthcare Delivery System, Schools and Nutrition Programs… UDP: taking care of the CITIZENS and taking care of the JEWEL. We VOTERS need to avoid falling into the trap of the ‘whutliss,’ ‘thiefing’ and ‘liad’ PUP.

Imagine the possibilities if the UDP Government had $92,000,000.00 to spend on ‘roots’ Belizeans. Every one of the programs mentioned above could be improved upon or duplicated! Further, new projects would come on stream! More benefits for the Belizean people!  My friends and I, frequently discuss just such possibilities. It is with this in mind that I would like to beg you NOT to vote to give a Belizean cent to Aschroft/Courtenay.  Most PUPs are against giving away poor Peoples’ money especially since Aschroft knew of the dishonest “retirement package” for the likes of Musa, Fonseca, Lizarraga and cronies! While there does exist a debt - created in immorality, criminality and secrecy – ‘roots’ Belizeans had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with its creation. Musa, Fonseca and selected cronies were behind it, and Aschroft, who is only too eager to meddle in elections, willingly and knowingly participated in the vile scheme to fleece Belizeans! Stand with us as we reject PUP and Aschroft!

I close by saying:” Let Musa, Fonseca and the crooked PUP cronies pay off the debt that they created. They hid the contract from the eyes of ‘roots’ Belizeans; let us therefore NEVER see that devilish Bill!”

Your Supporter,