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Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00

A Cayo family from Teakettle Village has suffered the tragic loss of their baby. 2 year-old Sofi Reyes was crushed to death when her aunt accidentally drove over her; an accident that’s most likely haunting both her parents and the driver.

It happened at around 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 27. Baby Sofi Reyes was playing with her cousins under their house. Her father, Clifford Reyes, told the press that her Aunt, Elvita Cruz drove up to drop off a bottle of oil for him. He was changing the oil for his truck, and after they had a brief conversation, he passed in front her Ford Escape SUV and went across the street.

No one saw when Baby Sofi followed him out onto the street, and as soon as Cruz drove off, she hit the toddler. Experienced drivers are aware when their wheels run over something that isn’t flat. That didn’t happen in this instance. The vehicle struck the baby, and is believed that it passed over her after the impact. Clifford Reyes said that he was immediately alerted to the accident, and he immediately ran to her aid.

He said, “When I looked on the road I said, ‘that is my daughter clothes.’ My daughter already laid down like this on the road… So I ran there, grab my daughter, picked her up, and I was calling for her. And I was kissing her and crying, ”Sofi, Sofi, it’s daddy, baby.’  …I am kissing her only blood is coming out of her nose, her ears and mouth.”

The family rushed the baby to the Western Regional Hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival. A planned family celebration the next day became a sad event of mourning.

Shamika Smith, Baby Sofi’s aunt, and her brother, Clifford Reyes insist that the family harbors no ill feelings towards Elvita Cruz. They all know that it’s an accident, and that she is in distress, knowing that she hit her niece and caused her death.

Smith said, “She [Elvita Cruz] feels it, she has been crying since the day, from the day… She can’t hold up, she has to live with it for the rest of her life. Everybody forgive her because it was an accident. We can’t do anything about it; it already happened.”

Reyes added, “I’m a driver; too, that could happen to me.”

Police are still deciding whether or not they will bring charges against her for the most unfortunate accident.