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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00

I am one that truly believes that we MUST be grateful for every gift! Freudian slips are of special importance because they offer views into the deepest hidden corners of the mind; arears that are otherwise inaccessible. Guarded truths that were not meant to be published, slips out! On Tuesday night Channel 5 had PUP slogans on the screen during the NEWS and during the INTERVIEW of Mike Juan (UDP chairman of Unitedville)!  Slips like these must be understood for what they truly are! This essay is not about Marleni or Channel 5. No, the value of Tuesday’s actions is an extremely loud and bold announcement to the VOTERS of this country that Ashcroft, the PUPpet Master is back on the Belize political playing field!  He has control of Channel 5 so he gives them orders on what to do. He also has control over the PUP candidates and means to use then to get control of our country! Then, he will take all our money! He will fleece us again; we know Musa, Fonseca, Ashcroft... There was Slavery, Colonialism, and Apartheid… now a British Lord is running havoc in the Caribbean!  The ONLY way that you can stop him is to NOT vote blue. PUP is his tool; so vote red. The time to save the Jewel is on Election Day. Sorry PUP, but every single vote is of extreme importance in this money war!

When the PUP candidates came canvassing they were polite and begged me to at least consider them. I was courteous but explained that every vote is extremely important and may not be wasted or thrown away. With the threat of the monster Aschroft on the field, re: News 5 actions, I need to act wisely. I reminded them of the onerous Accommodation Agreement, the evil Settlement Deed, the very high compound interest rate, the high cost of local calls and the even higher cost of international calls when Ashcroft the Predator, caused his PUPpets, Price/Musa to change BTA to BTL… I then explained that after the UDP Nationalization every Belizean is enjoying super cheap rates because of the Internet: WhatsApp, Viber… With Greedy Tax-dodging Ashcroft, we will have to pay thru’ our collective noses for the minimum of service! Every one of us want to keep our benefits, ‘Massah’ Aschroft wants to turn back the clock on us! That will NEVER do!

$90,000,000.00 divided by 202,078 voters = $445, that is what each and every Belizean Voter will lose if Eamon and Aschroft get their way. When the Zinc Fence PUP candidates came with their handler, Dodo Bird Cordel, my question was: “Do you support paying ninety million dollars of poor, roots, tax payers’ monies to the greedy billionaire? Economic Terror in the Commonwealth Caribbean! Said and Francis made the Secret! Will Cordel vote to give ninety million dollars away? Johnny? Julius? Mike? Rodwell? Mai? Kareem? Orlando? Florencio? Ruben? Mike? Who will prevent the PUP from selling out poor roots Belizeans to the “The Shylock of Market Square/Chichester?”  He wants his pound of flesh and who bleed, bleed…

Beloved, the Belize situation is extremely delicate. We cannot afford to have anyone play cruel jokes on us. George Cadle Guatemala Price gave Aschroft the Golden Share. According to Godfrey P. Smith pg. 17, the youthful George “was often sent to the market to buy meat and vegetables. Knowing that his sisters didn’t particularly care for fish, he would frequently bring home fish, saying that no other kind of meat was available, much to their distress.” The bad youth lied to play mean cruel jokes on his very own sisters! As an adult he told the Nation: “Not one square centimeter!” His apologists, in full denial mode, boast: “With all our territory intact!”  Well, let’s go back to Smith pg. 282: “The decision to retain the three-mile territorial sea limit in the south was viewed as a cession of territorial seas and a betrayal of the people of…Belize.” Page 283: “…the [Maritime Areas] Bill represented a betrayal of the territorial integrity of Belize…” As Prime Minister, George Cadle Guatemala Price continued with lies and playing cruel jokes on ALL Belizeans! Does KREMANDALA have the spine to stand up for Belizean Fishers, who lost fishing grounds? Will anyone at KREMANDALA stand up to super-dangerous Aschroft, who infiltrated their Empire and remain in cahoots with the Musa Fonseca Criminal Gang, even up to this very second? Political expediency says that Cordel is PUP and Aschroft controls PUP, so screw roots Belizeans and the VOTERS! Keep your eyes on KREMANDALA, NEWS 5 & the voting PUP Area Reps at the next House Meeting…