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Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

Hezron Parks, a 21 year old resident of Phoenix Arizona, in the United States, is facing a charge of second degree murder after he turned himself into the hands of US law enforcement and admitted that he shot and killed a former Marine. Reports to the press are that he has Belizean roots, and that he was raised in the Stann Creek Village of Mango Creek.

The incident happened on Sunday, February 4, in Scottsdale, another city in Arizona. According to US press reports, 34 year-old Kyle Brayer, a former Marine and a 10-year veteran of the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department, was off-duty, and he was riding in a golf cart with friends early that day in Scottsdale. According to the cops, that’s when a man in a red Scion coupe reportedly began tail gating, and nearly hitting the back of the cart.

After the cart arrived at a stop sign, Brayer reportedly walked over to the vehicle and he was shot in the head. He died at the hospital. Police say that the shooter sped off and fled the scene after hitting several cars.

The following day, after a manhunt was launched to find this shooter, Parks surrendered to the police. Press reports say that when he was interviewed and questioned about the shooting, Parks admitted to putting a loaded .40-caliber handgun in his vehicle, which he took with him to the clubs in Scottsdale on Saturday night. He reportedly got into an altercation with a security guard at one club. He was denied entry at another, and he left a third club because he didn’t like his drink.

Parks reportedly told police that while he was heading home, a group of people were in a golf cart taxi cab. He reportedly said that the people on the cart were saying things to him, and that Brayer kicked the hood of his vehicle.

Parks’ account to police is that Brayer got off the cart, approached his vehicle without saying anything, and with empty hands in the air. Parks told police that he felt threatened when Brayer started moving toward him, and so, he grabbed the handgun, and shot him.

He’s been booked into jail, and he’s being held on a $300,000 cash bond, due to the nature of the offense that because, according to police reports, his parents are from Belize.

His persona Facebook page says that he’s from Independence Village - which is an adjacent village of Mango Creek - that he attended Independence High School, and that he resides in Phoenix, Arizona.