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Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

The UDP’s Belize City Council slate on Thursday February 8 launched the manifesto which will be used as a reference for the development of the city in the next term of office. Speaking at the gathering at the party’s headquarters, each councilor candidate got the opportunity to expound on the work that has already been done in the various portfolios including Infrastructure, Socio-Economic Development, Traffic and Public Safety, Sports and Lifestyle and Sanitation and Environment.

The councilor candidates explained that in all these areas there have been marked accomplishments, be it by councilor Dean Samuels’ presentation that 150 streets have been concreted or the development of key areas like Cinderella Plaza or by councilor Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar’s explanation that close to a thousand or so residents receive pantry assistance on a weekly basis. Councilor Jason Edwards explained that the work will continue and pointed out to projects like the development of a Lake Independence park and Councilor Philip Willoughby announced that there will be flood gates being placed at the canals in the city. One by one they enumerated what has been done and how the work will continue.

Also speaking was mayoral candidate, Dion Leslie, he told those in attendance that, ”the ideas were not put together by a committee or even the candidates but rather from the ideas and positive contributions that the residents of Belize City shared with the team while on the campaign.” He added that it was a manifesto of the people, it is their vision. Leslie noted that the progress in Belize City is clearly evident but came as a combined effort of the city council, central government, UDP area representatives and residents who have ushered a boom in urban development never seen before.

He added that the next council will build on the success and will look at projects to continue to improve infrastructure for growth in commerce, entertainment and quality of life for all residents. “Everything we do is to improve the lives of residents of Belize City,” he said.

Also making an address were Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber who underscored the importance of keeping a UDP Council in place while there is a UDP Central Government as there is better synergy between the two. He went on to explain that because those in the municipality and those in central government know one another the work is made much easier.

For his part, Party  Leader, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, explained that at times people say and do things out of obligation, in this case however he was happy and unreserved in endorsing the team and its manifesto. He noted that the council has performed at a level unprecedented in history of the municipality. They have improved lives and produced development that can be seen and transformation that can be felt, he said. He added that the National Party is especially proud of this city council as the Performance in old capital has been superb. With that he stated that he is confident that this UDP team will be elected once again so that the UDP will continue to govern Belize City.